Corporate Watch

Corporate Watch

The National Workers Union recognises the impact of globalisation and the power of the multi-national corporations to run the world primarily for the interests of their shareholders. This is what we say in our Founding Principles:

"The need of a constantly expanding market for its products forces capitalism to constantly expand over the entire world. This process of imperialism, which has found reflection in slavery, indentureship, colonialism and other forms of globalisation, requires from workers an equally international response.

Working class solidarity, which is the cornerstone of trade union action, is a responsibility which our Union takes seriously and will apply at all times both locally and internationally."

Currently 37,000 companies, 70% of them based in either the USA, European Union or Japan, control one-third of the world's private assets.

In practical terms, this is what globalisation means. The economic and political power in the hands of these unelected and unaccountable trans-national corporations is immense as is their failure to run the world for the benefit of ordinary people.

As a contribution to both monitoring and providing information on the activities of corporate capitalism, we are providing links to two web sites.

The first is Corporate Watch which is a small UK based independent not-for-profit research and publishing group "which undertakes research on the social and environmental impact of large corporations."

Secondly we are providing a link to CorpWatch, a USA based organisation which "investigates and exposes corporate violations of human rights, environmental crimes, fraud and corruption around the world." It is from CorpWatch that we take these news feeds.

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