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The Founding Principles of the National Workers Union declares:

"The need of a constantly expanding market for its products forces capitalism to constantly expand over the entire world. This process of imperialism, which has found reflection in slavery, indentureship, colonialism and other forms of globalisation, requires from workers an equally international response.

Working class solidarity, which is the cornerstone of trade union action, is a responsibility which our Union takes seriously and will apply at all times both locally and internationally.

Workers have nothing to lose but their chains, we have a world to win. Our demands are clear:


We put these principles into practice by taking action. 

Firstly by organising the un-organised,  but also by giving you information on struggles that are taking place locally, regionally and internationally.  Sign up to our NWU Solidarity Network and get information directly into your mail box. This will keep you abreast of news and information issued by the National Workers Union

Take a minute or two to send a message of support through the ActNOW! campaigns.

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Take practical action to support workers in struggle. With a single 'click' you can send a message of support and a protest letter to the employer. Check these ActNOW! campaigns from LabourStart


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NWU Solidarity Network

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NWU Solidarity Network