Workers Rights

Workers have always had to fight for their rights. Often these struggles have been long and difficult involving many sacrifices.

We know that the most effective way of securing workers rights is by unity and solidarity. But we also know that we have to take advantage of all avenues available to us, many of which are the product of workers struggles.

Included in the information that we are making available are:

Venezuela Organic Law of Work and Workers (For those who wish to download the summary see attachment below)

The Caribbean Office of the International Labour Organization has complied a useful resource giving details of labour legislation throughout the region.


In order to get recognition, it is necessary to get more than 50% of the workers in a workplace to join the Union and to stay members for more than eight weeks.

The National Workers Union makes this as easy as possible. Just $10 Entrance Fee and $1 a week - $20 and you're an Associate Member of the Union which is enough for us to start organising.

Being a member-centred democratic Union we make sure that our members are fully involved in drawing up the proposals for their Collective Agreements and have the final say on what is accepted. After all, it's YOUR Collective Agreement.

To start getting organised, contact the NWU: