Ministry of Labour

If a matter cannot be settled directly with an employer it can be reported under Section 51 of the Industrial Relations Act to the Minister of Labour by:
  • the employer;
  • the recognised majority union;
  • where there is no recognised majority union, any trade union, of which the worker or workers who are parties to the dispute are members in good standing,

A trade dispute, therefore, is between the Union (not the worker) and the employer.

In addition, a trade dispute must

  • be reported to the Minister of Labour within six months of when the trade dispute started or took place
It is possible to ask for an extension of time if the six months have passed and this is done under Section 51(3).

Another important distinction that needs to be made is between what are called "rights" issues and "interest" issues. These are described in the Act in Section 51(5).

Any union can take up what are called "rights" issues. Only an Recognised Majority Union can take up "interest" issues.

  • "rights" issue is one concerning the existing rights a worker has and these would normally be found in the contract of employment, a collective agreement (if there is one) or the law.
  • An "interest" dispute" one concerning collective bargaining issues (such as a breakdown in negotiations) which is something that only a Recognised Majority Union can take up

In dispute

This is a list of employers that we currently have disputes with and which have been reported to the Minister of Labour.


A N. S. Auto Rental  Transport Limited (DR - dismissal)

A N. S. Auto Rental  Transport Limited (CB - dismissal)


Bakers Flags & Emblems Manufacturing Limited (CG - summary dismissal)

Bakers Flags & Emblems Manufacturing Limited (JL - summary dismissal)

Bakers Flags & Emblems Manufacturing Limited (LW - summary dismissal)

Bakers Flags & Emblems Manufacturing Limited (MC - summary dismissal)

Bakers Flags & Emblems Manufacturing Limited (PS - summary dismissal)

Bamboo Auto Collision (IM - verbal dismissal)

Bread Basket (KM - dismissal)

BSI Services (GR - verbal dismissal)


Caribbean Airlines Limited (JA - dismissal)

Caribbean Airlines Limited (AA - dismissal)

Caribbean Airlines Limited (NH - suspension)

Caribbean Airlines Limited (KG - dismissal)

Chee Mooke Bakeries (CD - dismissal)

Colonial Fire & General Insurance Company Limited (COLFIRE) - (DP - constructive dismissal)

Crowne Plaza Hotel - (JJ - dismissal)

Crystal Industries Limited (5 workers - dismissal)


Discount Beauty Mart (LK - verbal dismissal)


Eastern Regional Health Authority (GM - redundancy)

Evolving Technologies and Enterprise Development Company Limited (eTeck) - (LF - redundancy)




Hydratight Limited (RB - dismissal)


Interior Harmony (AM - dispute over correct payment of wages)


Jovian Limited (aka Woodford Cafe) (TR - verbal dismissal)




Metal Industries Limited (SGS - dismissal)

Metal Industries Limited (RE - dismissal)


National Gas Company (MB - dismissal)

Non Destructive Testers Limited - (MR - Dismissal/Unfair selection for redundancy)

North Central Regional Health Authority (LS - failure to pay annual increment)

North West Regional Health Authority (AJ - failure to pay vacation)



Patrick Young Sing and Co. Ltd (FW - dismissal)

Playa Del Este Sanctuary (BM - dismissal)


Quarters Private Members Club (AL - 1st warning)

Quarters Private Members Club (AL - 2nd warning)

Quarters Private Members Club (AL - 3rd warning)

Quarters Private Members Club (AL - dismissal)


RGM Limited (RJ - dismissal)

Rockford Incorporated Limited (NJ - dismissal disguised as a redundancy)

The Honourable Roger Joseph (MP for La Horquetta/Talparo - until the General Election on 24th May 2010) - (MK - dismissal)


SCI-EMS Ambulance (DS - unauthorised withholding of wages)

SCI-EMS Ambulance (DS - unauthorised deduction from wages)

Servus Limited (WW - dismissal)

Southern Sales and Service Co. Ltd (TC - dismissal)

Sports Company of Trinidad and Tobago (mass dismissals)

Sure-Tech Services Limited (KC - dismissal)


Time to Shop Limited (LK - dismissal)

Trinidad Tissues Limited (SAB - First Warning)

Trinidad Tissues Limited (SAB - Final warning)

Trinidad Tissues Limited (SAB - Dismissal)

Trader Jack's Restaurant Holdings Limited (NC - dismissal)

Trinidad & Tobago National Petroleum Marketing Co. Ltd  (JR - retrospective payments  owed)


Unique Woodworking Company Limited (BP - verbal dismissal)



WHO Graphics (MC - outsanding wages owed)