Industrial Court

Moving on from the Ministry of Labour

Once there is a breakdown in conciliation at the Ministry of Labour, the Ministry will issue what is called a Certificate of Unresolved Dispute. Once the Union has this, it can report the breakdown to the Industrial Court.

Pre-trial hearing

The first hearing in Court is what is called a Pre-trial Hearing. This deals with the administration of the case and will set the timetable for the matter to be processed and specific dates will be given for:
  • the filing of Evidence and Arguments (frequently with Witness Statements)
  • the Exchange of Evidence and Arguments
  • the replies (if necessary)
  • the Hearing of the matter.


With the agreement of both parties, the Court can undertake further attempts at conciliation.

Good industrial relations practice

In coming to a determination of a case, the Industrial Court is required to:
  • make such order or award in relation to a dispute before it as it considers fair and just, having regard to the interests of the persons immediately concerned and the community as a whole;
  • act in accordance with equity, good conscience and the substantial merits of the case before it, having regard to the principles and practices of good industrial relations.

Court List

The Court List is posted up on-line by the Industrial Court and can be found here

Industrial Court

For more information on the Industrial Court, visit their web site. All hearings in the Industrial Court are open to the public. You can check the status of National Workers Union cases by looking at our Diary of Events.


Although either party to a dispute may take an appeal to the Court of Appeal (and subsequently to the Privy Council) essentially this has to be done on a point of law. The full detail of the grounds are set out in Section 18 of the Industrial  Relations Act. A list of those matters involving at the Court the involving the National Workers Union can be found here

This is a list of matters that the National Workers Union currently has at the Industrial Court. Confused about the case referencing? You can find an explanation here


A-10 Construction and Supplies (GSD-TD 210/2013) (SC - termination of services)

Airports Authority of Trinidad & Tobago - (ESD-TD 013/2012) - (KG - non-renewal of contract)

Arial Gaming Limited (GSD-TD 537/2013)(VS - constructive dismissal)

ASIS Construction Company (RSBD 002/2010) - (5 workers - dismissal/redundancy)


Blue Waters Products Limited (GSD-TD 329/2011) - (LM - dismissal)

Blue Waters Products Limited (GSD-TD 328/2011) - (LM - termination of contract)


Caribbean Airlines Limited (ESD-TD 034/2008) - (CZ - dismissal)

Carillion (Caribbean) Limited (JC - summary dismissal)

CLICO Investment Bank (GSD-TD 206/2009) - (MG - dismissal)

Corpus Christie Day Nursery Pre-School (GSD-TD 579/2012 - (IN-S - dismissal)

Corpus Christie Day Nursery Pre-School (GSD-TD 579/2012 - (IN-S - dismissal)



East Ocean Wholesale Company (GSD-RSBD 013/2012) - (MB - Redundancy)

E. Pihl & Son A/S (BD - dismissal)

E. Pihl & Son A/S (RJ - dismissal)



Global Medical Response of T&T (ESD-TD 010/2012) - (OR - Dismissal)

Global Medical Response of T&T (ESD-TD 010/2012) (AA-P - Dismissal)


Hair by Vishnu (GF - dismissal and non-payment of National Minimum Wages)



Judiciary of Trinidad and Tobago - (AN - dismissal)

Junior Sammy Contractors Ltd (GSD-TD 161/2008) - (SB - dismissal)

Junior Sammy Contractors Ltd (GSD-TD 162/2008) - (CS - dismissal)


Knight Investments Limited (CL - non-payment of Severance Benefits)


Legal Aid and Advisory Authority (GSD-TD 031/2013) (YWR - non payment of outstanding monies due)


Ministry of Health (GSD-TD 2185/2010) (AM - dismissal)

Misty Ridge Farms (GSD-TD 285/2010) - (HMD - dismissal)


National Petroleum Marketing Company (GSD-TD 120/2012) - (WD - dismissal)

National Union of Government and Federated Workers (GSD-TD 359/2009) (DD - dismissal)



Petroleum Company of Trinidad and Tobago (GSD-TD 370/2010) - (JG - dismissal)

Point Lisas Construction Company (GSD-TD 205/2009) - (LR - dismissal)

Professional Interior Designs Limited (DB - dismissal)

Public Service Transport Corporation (GSD-TD 118/2011) - (TB - dismissal)




South West Regional Health Authority (CBT - outstanding monies due under contract)

Starlite Drugs Limited (waiting for pre-trial hearing date) - (OG - constructive dismissal)

Sureway Weight Loss Clinic (GSD-TD 238/2011) - (EP - dismissal)


TECU Credit Union (GSD-TD 236/2013)(RT - dismissal)

Top Decor Limited (GSD-TD 323/2011) - (NG - Dismissal)

Total Safety Management (GSD-TD 272/2010) - (NR - failure to honour terms of contract)

Telecommunication Services of Trinidad and Tobago (EC - breach of contract)

Travel Plus Services (GSD-TD 538/2013)(SM - dismissal)







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