High Court

When an employer does not pay a Court Order or the Terms of Settlement registered in the Industrial Court as a Consent Order (which makes it legally binding), the avenue for enforcing payment is through a Writ of Execution from the High Court.

These are the cases the National Workers Union is going through the High Court to enforce payments they have either been awarded by the Industrial Court or agreed by consent between the parties and registered in the Industrial Court:

L. J. Construction Limited - Writ of Execution being sought against this Company for failure pay the worker $30,000 in accordance with a Consent Order agreed in the Industrial Court on 27th March 2012.

SCI-EMS Ambulance Limited - Writ of Execution being sought against this Company for failing to pay $30,000 to the worker as agreed in a Terms of Settlement and filed in the Industrial Court on 2nd July 2013.

ASIS Construction Company Limited - the employer lost this matter in the Industrial Court. The case involved four workers who were made redundant. On 24th July 2013 the Industrial Court awarded just over $207,000 to the four workers. The Company has, to date, not paid the workers and the Union has applied for a Writ of Execution.