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posted 22 Apr 2017, 09:17 by Gerry Kangalee   [ updated 22 Apr 2017, 09:18 ]
Image result for superfast galiciaSitting in Tobago, admiring the goats outside of Parliament....oops sorry...admiring the traditional goat races held recently, as distinct from the ones held every 5 years, the geologist from Mason Hall must have wondered why he was not the leader of Bolivia or Paraguay. These countries are land locked. Their leaders do not have to worry about fast ferries. Maybe that is why Eva Morales has done more to improve living conditions for his people in 10-12 years than our successive administrations have done in 55 and counting years.

By the way, persons in Malabar, San Juan and other parts of the country highlighted water woes over the Easter weekend. But they chose a wrong time. The geologist is focusing on sea water now. No, no…not the water that is eroding the Mosquito creek! That is sea water on its way to the mangrove. Don't mix up your waters; take it from the geologist. Fresh water, sea water and mangrove sea water..Got it? Besides the goats in the race drank well!

One can empathise with the geologist. Here is a man who, according to the book jackets on display in the malls, rose from humble beginnings to become the Prime Minister of the country. On the way he fought off Patrick Manning, Anika Gumbs, Verna Alleyne Toppin and Mariano Browne. He was even embraced by Ancel and Ozzie and Vincent although they would have us forget that. (Eat the man Hyatt food and now they want to cuss him).What a fighter! To reach this far; only to be confronted by Ferdi Ferreira, Christine Sahadeo and the rest of the crew on the port!

We all know how hard it is to buy a boat. What? Do we lease Coast Guard vessels? That is different. Steups! It takes a little more than 55 years to figure out how to buy a boat. All yuh just talking! You know how hard it is to find a shipyard! And where we going to find the money during 3 oil booms? How did you all expect with 18 months notice to come up with a solution. You all imagine it is the same as supporting Section 34 or refurbishing the Brian Lara Stadium during an economic downturn.

Now that the administration, desirous of developing tourism, has done an Ancel and virtually told the owners of the "Galicia'' to take the damn boat and go, a way must be found to deal with the situation immediately. Therefore, an investigation (hee! hee!) will be launched into how the contracts were awarded in the first place; then the report will be tabled in Parliament just before the one on what happened on the shooting range in Cumuto.

It seems, folks that regardless of what the Chamber/s of Commerce say the barge option will prevail. Rohit Sinanan of the PNM merchant marine has raised the bar/barge from 3 feet height at the side to 8 feet in response to claims that water will splash over into the barge. And do you know what the lady from the Tobago Chamber of Commerce responded, with she 'farse' self? She quoted the Met office which regularly says that waves will be 3 metres in open water. Now one metre is a little over 3 feet which will give us something like 9 feet.

Me, I suspect the Prime Minister is about to build a Bailey bridge from Toco to Tobago. He is just waiting on the right moment to make the announcement.