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posted 25 Oct 2016, 13:38 by Gerry Kangalee   [ updated 25 Oct 2016, 13:38 ]
Eric Williams, political leader of the P.N.M. for all of his political life, is said to have declared to the people of Point Fortin, in one of his more sanguine moments: "If PNM put up a crapaud in a balisier tie, all yuh would vote for it". He never put up one but I think the hour cometh when the voters in Point my just prove him right. 2016 might just be the year of the crapaud.

Why am I suggesting this? I am looking at the kind of political leadership that continues to emerge, or is it submerge, from the area. One wonders if indeed they have internalised the "Crapaud theory'' and their next Mayor or Parliamentary representative indeed will be singing Scrunter's Crapaud Revolution.

Not too long ago it was ex-Mayor Larry who went to a town meeting and on being heckled or challenged he expressed his love for the audience in the most graphic terms " @#$%^&*= all yuh". This profound sentiment landed him in court where it was translated into "I love you''. As ever what was heard was not what was said, a concept developed and refined by E. McLeod of the MSJ/UNC, when he was known as “General Strike” in a former life.

Then there is the incumbent Minister of National Security who having failed so far to make a dent in the crime rate, assures us that all is well. Yes, in a previous incarnation he would have been the captain of the Titanic. This guy goes into a meeting he is concerned about attending, spends 3 hours and helps to generate a 30 page report sections of which end up being leaked. Maybe he should have been administered a breathalyser test

And now incumbent Mayor Clyde Paul continues to lower the flag. He finds himself hauled before the court, via special entrance, on a "driving under the influence'' charge. Even as "Imps-bert', as the steel workers called him, raised the price of rum. One too many for the rooooooaaaddd! Belch!

Port of Spain PNM mayors are also hard done by aren't they? One, Mayor Sergeant, almost lost City Hall when it was levied upon years ago. Another engaged in 'victim shaming' following the murder of a female tourist at Carnival and barely lasted a year. His predecessor thought that higher office beckoned but found his way blocked by Marlene and Keith, ending up mocked and abused by his Party's leadership.

And the present Mayor, who has a bit of a vigilante complex, chasing suspects and cowing them into submission, now finds that he has been corralled and politically gelded at an early age and that he will be put out to political pasture.

So Clyde, who doesn't have the political sense to hire a blue light and soil the carpet any which way, is caught in a road block, probably humming "What's the use of gettin' sober/When you know you gonna be drunk again?"

They say he was on his way home from a Corporation meeting. Or was it a Christmas party? Parang start already yuh know. He tried the Colin Partap defence though, except the Acting Police Commissioner he called on has been out of office for almost 6 years. Boy, he must really have been tizick.

After he beats the rap, the policeman in question will be sent to guard children on a shooting range somewhere; the Mayor will most likely not seek re-election. He is 72 and not too sober, not too bright. His repla
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