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posted 10 Dec 2016, 11:25 by Gerry Kangalee   [ updated 10 Dec 2016, 11:28 ]
Laurence Brown is a former president of the Communication Workers Union
At least someone in the 'labour movement' has found it necessary to respond to this thinly veiled threat from the ruling class enunciated by that modern spokesman for the traditional plantation ruling class, Frank Mouttet.

In commenting, however, I must express my concern in respect of the 'line' taken by Bryan St. Louis, executive officer of the Communication Workers Union, (CWU) who is now openly endorsing and embracing the Industrial Court.

The Industrial Court is an institution which came into being by the enactment of the Industrial Stabilisation Act (forerunner to the Industrial Relations Act) which, in itself, was framed upon the primary premise to keep workers and their respective unions in check, The CWU over the years has fought tooth and nail for the 'milk of human kindness' to establish a presence at the Honourable Court.

I am also aware that over the last few years the Honourable Court, under new enlightened leadership, has indeed been inclined to demonstrate a more balanced approach as it presides over matters before it. This, however, does not alter the very basis for its existence and begs the question: what happens in the event of a change in leadership and personnel?

If such change occurs and there is a reversion to the 'bad old times', do you then withdraw your public endorsement? I pose these questions because it is not difficult to discern that the ruling class in its bold arrogance has publicly called upon a government, which it has helped into office, to immediately restore the old order or face the consequences.

I have great difficulty accepting any position whereby the unions’ leadership emphasis appear to be that of an unwillingness to offend the status quo and not aggressively defend and advance the interests of the masses they claim to represent.

The mass of the people, contrary to some apparent schools of thought, are not morons and can and have determined that no one can better represent their interests than themselves. The people have lost faith with organizations and self appointed champions, who have demonstrated the propensity to cut deals which allow them to 'run with the foxes and hunt with the hounds'.