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posted 6 Mar 2016, 18:05 by Gerry Kangalee   [ updated 6 Mar 2016, 18:15 ]

Dear teachers of Trinbago: All eyes of our country are on you. When heads of the major Christian and Hindu religions can unite to suggest that the leader of your trade union “does not know what he talking about...is mistaken...his statements do not reflect the reality of what is going on...''; teachers, the profession, the Union is being gratuitously insulted at best if not being called ignorant, foolish, a charlatan, an imposter and a fraudster by implication.

Devanand Sinanan
Let us see who is Devanand Sinanan. He is a former Principal, has over 20 years in education, holder of a second degree, has served and is serving on TTUTA’s executive, sits on the Board of Cipriani Labour College, represents the teachers at the JTUM. He was chosen by the teachers of this country to lead them in an open and fair election sans recount.

Yet among his accusers in a head of a religious organisation who objects to a teacher appointment because of the height of her panty line. Said challenger goes ahead and bemoans the lack of consultation and democracy in the teachers' union. He never tells us whom he consulted to determine the correct height of a panty line or how he managed to see that in the first place. Maybe he could tell us what the Concordat says about panty lines while on his way to lock out the 'offending' Principal in defiance of Ministry directives.

Another heads an organisation that has been condemned by the United Nations for its institutionalised practice of paedophilia and child abuse. Only last week the international media was exposing how well it protects the sexual predators within its ranks by moving them around to safe havens in different parishes worldwide. Is that what "suffer little children to come unto me'' is supposed to mean? I have had countless debates and studied theological history and movements extensively but have yet to read of Jesus, Mohammed, Buddha, Lord Shiva advocating such practices in the name of discipline.

Of course only the denominational schools have ever produced noted scholars and achievers. Remember using this flawed logic, Queen's Royal College should have been burnt to the ground decades ago because it is the most non-denominational 'prestige' school in the country.

Poor C.L.R James, Eric Williams, Deryck Murray, Lincoln Phillips, V.S Naipaul, Rudranath Capildeo and Wendell Mottley! I can see the flames of hell licking at their feet.

 Comrade, or to use the politically correct term in TTUTA, Colleague Devanand, I always would crack up when I heard Mr. Job say that Mr. Sinanan is certainly in illustrious company and history is waiting to see how he will respond.

Among those who have drawn the united ire of the ruling class and its minions, political or religious, were Eric Williams whom the Guardian of the day labelled a communist (see John Spence's articles on the Concordat); Maurice Bishop who occasioned the identical editorial to be written simultaneously in newspapers from Kingston to Port of Spain; Uriah Butler of course...

Commentators from Professor John Spence to the distinguished journalist George Alleyne have suggested that 'giving a religious organisation veto over the choice of schoolbooks' or  having the right to independently train teachers and place them in the schools, WHILE RECEIVING STATE FUNDING, is ludicrous. Then giving the Principal the right to choose 20% of the intake is further discrimination.

What Comrade /Colleague Sinanan has done is shine a light in a dark corner by stating an objective truth. History has a strange way of choosing its midwives. In the midst of the furore, the angst, the sheer fear of the barbarian calling for 'licks' and atavism in the profession, his statement poses a fundamental matter which seriously challenges the status quo..

They tell me that on a recent radio interview Mr. Sinanan stated that he was/is a socialist. If that is what you said, Sir, you have startled those hoary reactionary heads in ways you may have hardly dreamed to imagine.

So let us see how teachers defend their leader or if the public having seen teachers in action recently will be forced to say "If it was money...”