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posted 19 Sep 2012, 20:06 by Gerry Kangalee   [ updated 20 Sep 2012, 06:42 by Dave Smith ]

"Sorry fi maga dog...‘im a go tu'n rong bite yuh":


So say our Jamaican cousins. Peter Tosh, reggae icon, immortalised the sentiment on one of his hit cd's.


So the morning after the "Great March" to highlight the absence of "good governance" and the re-emergence of the MSJ/David Abdulah (is there a difference?), I  ponder how working class “leaders” could go back to feeling sorry for political “maga dog" in this country.


Abdulah sorry fi' maga dog?
I will not revisit the issue. Any bourgeois politician, who claims to have been betrayed, to have misplaced his trust is...well...a bourgeois politician. They are asking us to believe that since they lie to us, they do not lie to each other; that the Cabinet did not keep its word. Okay: the Opposition is there to extract pledges of good faith from the government…riiiight! This should make the business of running the country easy. Let us dispense with the Senate, special majorities, oversight committees and other such niceties.


"Hey Column; Winer Boy Moony: we want to pass a bill to make flooding legal, since there is so much of it and we seem not to be of much use to the affected victims.


Don't worry, we will include a clause that will allow your friends to continue to build on hills and divert water courses.


Nah! All yuh eh bound to come to Parliament. You know how we does go down.


Better still, we go proclaim a special clause to let insurers off the hook, IN THE DRY SEASON. Okay thanks Column. When all yuh marchin' again?”


My dismay and serious concern was one labour leader who was heard to say that he was leaving the meeting to report COLLECTIVELY to a meeting of the trade unions later that evening, which suggests that the trade unions had mandated that leader to speak on their behalf. There were other trade union leaders turned political activists who Must Stride Jointly with whosoever holds the reins of power because, well, man have to eat.


But for others to imply, suggest or any way infer that workers in this country, through their unions, should lean politically towards Maga Dog, is madness!


Who gave us Industrial Relations Act, Summary Offences Act, Calder Hart Inc. Who tried to decertify TIWU and CWU, imposed an injunction on PTSC workers? Who gave us the Inter-ministerial team, Summit of the Americas, empty billion dollar skyscrapers, aluminium smelters, Revenue Authority, Karen Nunez, just to identify recent vintage? The present negotiations in the teaching service go back to 2008.Where was all this care and concern?


Who claimed they fell asleep on their watch, then realised that Section 34 was really a circumcision of process and ran to us, the Public, bawling."Mammy, mammy: look what Anil and dem do!"


The Joint Trade Union Movement was born out of bitter internal struggle, but it has held. Absent that, the workers in this country would have been further down the road of economic and social distress. It has at least provided a platform for organising resistance. Within it there continues to be all types of ideological struggles and rancouring about strategy and tactics, but it has held. Is it going to lose in 6 minutes what it has held for 18 months because some political blue flies want the movement to feel sorry for "maga dog?"


The term “Great March” must never be confused with or used in the same context as “The Long March”. The latter was part of an epic/journey/struggle undertaken by the Chinese people to reclaim their homeland from foreign occupation. The former, a brief march, is an effort to go back and “eat a food”.