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posted 16 Dec 2019, 06:39 by Gerry Kangalee
Image result for rush for 100 dollar  at the banks trinidadNow I am not directly affected by the change out of the $100 bills since I am broke, yet I can't help but sympathise with the many citizens who are. One cannot help but wonder the reason for creating such chaos on this the busiest time of the year.

What's the urgency? Couldn't the state have put this off until after Christmas? Last year it was inspections. Who really comes up with these ideas? Who really makes these decisions? I know a lot of people who no longer deal with the banks, simply because the cost of allowing them to invest your money {savings} far outweighs the benefits of putting it there.

Service charges and transaction fees have all but obliterated any benefits one would have gained from the interest paid to you on your account. Many people have therefore gone back to the mattress for their savings. These people are now being forced to go to the bank. Yet there are no measures in place to protect them. Should you be robbed, the bandits have until the end of the month to carry it in themselves and claim it as their own.

Again I ask, what's the rush. It’s totally ridiculous and further to that, geared towards achieving some goal that you and I, the average citizens, are not privy to. I don't get into party politics but I offer this: the government of the day is, in my humble opinion, the worst that I have ever seen.

Closures, job losses, lack of foreign exchange, taxes and more taxes, corruption, children with guns, lands being paid for by the state from its own elected members which reeks of insider trading. So much has happened over the last four years. Fuel prices increased three times while the Minister laughs at the public. Now he's laughing at fishermen and farmers.

The worst part of it all is that the people who seem most affected by the decisions are willing still to come out and support their party in return for simple favours which should be their right rather than a bribe for a vote. Our racial division and party loyalty have us thanking the slave masters for whipping us into submission.

It truly amazes one such as me what we are willing to accept as a people. Again, I am no racist nor party supporter but to think that the ruling party's base could really believe that the Finance Minister or the AG are of their ilk and are representing their interests is truly amazing. Let me state at this point that I have no faith nor love for their crooked political opponents who formed the opposition, yet within all my dislike for that bunch of crooks, I don't believe that they would have done the crap that this bunch is doing.

It seems that real thinkers and intellectuals are never the ones given the responsibility for decision making here. It's left up to the bacchanalists, the haters like the Finance Minister who never knew a day of poverty to make the decisions which will affect you and I the average Joe.

Its left up to an Opposition with the likes of Dr. Moneylal to present a viable alternative. Everyone and their grandmother knows he wants to become the leader. If that happens then God help us. It's left up to an Opposition leader who has throughout her tenure as PM, proven that she is a poor judge of character, simply by the people she hired and quickly fired.

It's left up to a Labour movement, led by a man who has proven himself a failure through the repeated job losses of his membership. Where are we really headed as a nation?