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posted 8 Oct 2016, 19:19 by Gerry Kangalee

Dear Mr. Editor

Can anyone tell me where have all the “Comrades” gone? Take for example Vincent Cabrera, president of the Banking Insurance and General Workers Union who was marching up and down, and threatening the last Government because they sold 20% of the FCB shares. He even condemned media journalist Anthony Wilson for supporting the sale of the FCB shares.

Today the Government proposes to sell 20% more of the FCB shares and the silence from the Joint Trade Union Movement (JTUM) is deafening. I am sure that “there must be more in the mortar than the pestle”.

How could Cabrera say that it was not a budget that really came down on the people when they now have to pay 7% online tax for buying clothes and food stuff that are cheaper? On top of that we now have to pay 15% increase in diesel and property tax. Why was he looking “at the Minister’s position in the context of the financial gap” and not ours. We are the ones who will have to pay the increase in water and electricity rates because Imbert complained about their “large deficits”. When these rates go up there will no longer be any light bill below $300.00 dollars.

Why should we be called upon to pay more money while big business will now get “50% tax relief” to provide public infrastructure? What on earth was Cabrera thinking about? It could only be payback time.

 Recession: So 20 pieces of silver not 30! After all, the Government raked in $7b from our pockets in VAT for 2016. Now they propose to take $7.8b in vat from us. That is an extra $800m that we have to pay.

Thanks Cabrera/JTUM thanks! According to Imbert the: “JTUM played a key role in the deliberations”. Now for your reward!

Raphael Fyzabad