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posted 5 Jun 2015, 06:52 by Gerry Kangalee
First he promised a tsunami of revelations. Now he pledges a torrent of secrets and I am thinking that in the end, in true Maxwell Smart fashion: “would you believe” we will have received a trickle of less than impactful 'bombs”.

Mr. X-es Warner: ex-school teacher, ex-special reserve policeman, ex-trade union activist, ex-Kublalsingh nemesis, ex-Brer Nansi in Zurich, ex-Cabinet Minister, continues to caricature himself. He fulfils the Reagan/Thatcher theory of economics where production is optimised profit overflows and wealth 'trickles down' to the poor/expectant. We know that never materialises.

Mr. Warner is leaving the 'stage' spitting and spewing about matters that incriminate himself. He seems not willing to wait for his day in court but sounds as if he is turning State witness against himself. Maybe this is a master stroke he learnt from Latapy or Dwight Yorke but isn't it going to end up scoring an own goal/’gaol’? (The second spelling is the ancient way of spelling "jail'': as in the Royal Gaol (pronounced Goal by Trinis). Even so Chuck has already 'Blazed' that trail.

What we need to look at now is how this is going to play out.The surgical airstrikes, the surges, the operation Desert Storms against FIFA read like copy/newsreel from Vietnam, Iraq or Afghanistan. Led by Loretta, who cannot address the undocumented extra judicial killings of Blacks in the US, the moral brigade attacks the headquarters of that den of iniquity in Zurich.

But the campaign seems to have hit a snag. Yes "shock and awe' has decimated the high command of FIFA. The general staff has been incarcerated or in hiding in Longdenville. But the problem here lies in installing a 'puppet regime'. Like in Afghanistan and Iraq these crusaders have completely misread the terrain/territory.

Whatever Blatter and company are, their 'trickle down' was much more beneficial to the needy, the greedy, the mendicant, the client. Listen to the statements coming out of the Federations in Africa and the Middle East. Qatar has linked this anti-FIFA campaign to a chauvinist, racist, anti-Arab assault by a first world country against a developing nation.

One is sure this was not how Loretta intended the propaganda campaign to flow. Football federations were supposed to welcome this cleanup campaign with open arms, soft tackles and a thousand Olés. In much the same way the Iraqis, Afghans and Libyans were expected to embrace the democracy of the liberators, heralded by drones, Cruise missiles and Abu Graib prisons.

What happens next is any one's guess. Blatter is no longer the story since the initial goal of removing him has been achieved. The second part of that plan however failed in that a puppet president was not elected to replace him. Therefore a smooth transition has not occurred. Civil war may be occurring in FIFA. Whoever forms the new executive of FIFA has a tremendous task on their hands, inheriting a fractured organisation where all motives are now suspect. They must not be seen as being friendly to or co-operating with the ones who destroyed the old order as, Hamid Khazai did in Kabul...

And now to the latest piece of 'smoke and mirrors'. Do not be fooled by this expose of Alan Wells, 1980 Olympic 100m gold medallist or of Coach Alberto Salazar's alleged 'doping violations'. It is a reaction to the failed anti-FIFA campaign. The BBC and others would have us believe that the West is on a campaign to clean up sport and FIFA was the first stop, even as ex-con Gatlin is running faster than a jet plane.

I will believe that when they raid the House of Lords and arrest Lord Coe, head of the British Olympic Committee.