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posted 26 Oct 2013, 13:12 by Gerry Kangalee   [ updated 26 Oct 2013, 13:32 ]
On October 24th 2013 the Trinidad and Tobago United Fisher folk organised a
demonstration. Fisher folk came in by boat and by land. They came from Blanchisseuse, Cocorite, Carenage, Claxton Bay, Erin and other fishing villages around the country.

Joined by supporters including environmentalists and the National Workers Union, they insisted that their voices must be heard as they gathered on the waterfront in the vicinity of the Parliament.
Pirogues circled the harbour as fisher folk honked their horns, raised flags and placards and made their concerns known through megaphones. They also
paraded with placards on the walkway on the sea front.

They demanded that seismic surveys which involve the use of “seismic bombings” be regulated by the Environmental Management Authority (EMA) and that the EMA must insist on Environmental Impact Assessments whenever oil companies apply for Certificates of Environmental Clearance to carry out
“seismic bombings”.

Naturally, the police eventually inte
rvened and tried to convinced the demonstrators that they needed permission to be on the waterfront promenade that was built with public funds and that is not open to vehicular traffic. But the majority of the demonstrators were on pirogues circling the harbour. They then called in a coast guard cutter to keep “order”.

Rae Samuel and Dave Smith of the National Workers Union spoke to a number of the participants in the demonstration. See video for their views.