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posted 29 Dec 2014, 20:57 by Gerry Kangalee

Full praises for our heroic police officers, who unlike the nurses who reportedly absented themselves from duty, turned up and teamed up to end the sudden upsurge in wheelchair crime. Remember 2 to 3 years ago when the wheelchair bound president of an association representing disabled person was abused by another infamous police woman outside National Flour Mills!

It is clear that the police have designed a specific plan to deal with special needs criminals. First they send in the women, these (s)heroes and (s)heroines who must face these bandits spitting venom in their 4x4 Vigo Turbo wheelchairs. How many of us have ever faced down a man in a wheelchair cussin like wind? That is pure terror: an enraged cripple armed not to the teeth but only with teeth!

But she stood her ground while trying to make him find his and called for back up who gave the citizen some good backhand.

Of course, as the mayor of Sando intimated, this is an isolated incident and must not be seen in the same light as the 40 weapons missing from the Forensic Centre or the 40 odd police killings which are absolved from inquests and inquiry or that police officers, male and female are before the courts for murder, fraud, assault, sexual offences, robbery, fatal hit and runs.

What does the future hold for these heroes of initiative? As seasoned and determined crime fighters who are both relatively young there is always Joanne's P.R job for the lady and the young constable could practice flouting airline regulations till he is appointed to head the Tobago division.

In the meantime keeping one's seat may prove hazardous to one's health and may even make you liable to police prosecution/persecution.