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WHAT IF...? By Joanne Viechweg

posted 27 Oct 2017, 02:20 by Gerry Kangalee
Just this once, just for this Christmas, seeing that we are still in the season of One-Off holidays; what if we were to change our spending patterns to benefit those who are striving to BE-COME.

What if…instead of being fooled by the illusion of the Mall Experience, making us feel that we are one with the Big Boys/Girls we were to keep it real and opt for the experience of helping to build others at or below our own socioeconomic level.

What if…all lives really mattered.

What if….we became conscious of the fact that by shopping with (giving more financial strength) those whose pockets are already very deep we continue to widen the gap between the haves and the have nots and…

What if….simultaneously it began to become clear to us the side of the divide on which we reside.

What if….we began to see that we don’t need the government to make it a law in order for us to support one another.

What if…we began to band together in support of one another just as we do with the occurrence of a natural disaster.

What if….we understood that the human-engineered economic disaster that we are experiencing is many times worse than the effects of anything that nature metes out to humanity. Nature gives us time to recover between strikes/attacks but the human-engineered disaster fuelled by greed and power over the masses never lets up. The majority of us just struggling to stay afloat.

What if…we understood that the power in the people could build the power of the people and that we too could rise.

What if…we decided to embody the ‘true spirit of Christmas’ and be kind and compassionate to those in need instead of continually strengthening our oppressors.

What if……what if……….what if...?