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posted 2 Feb 2017, 08:28 by Gerry Kangalee   [ updated 2 Feb 2017, 08:29 ]
Crime plan headlines: "hang them high" and "give them guns" - exhortations from the spent elite political forces on both sides of the imaginary aisle. They are proof the model failed, the leaders failed, the party politics failed, a gross failure at advancing public interests and services. Instead our politicians  are competing examples of self interests serving special interests, a triumph of corruption, and the consequence, what is left in the public domain, is mayhem, madness and needless suffering, horrendous crime.

We have seen it all before, and it is worse now. We can't afford at any level to continue the way we are. We need a coalition of public interest groups to advance a collective movement towards educating ourselves out of this mess; empowering our collective selves into the de facto shadow government and opposition to both failed parties and, further, offer ourselves to express the will of the people: for fairness, justice, real effort to make us healthy, strong, safe, respected as a people, as a national community. Enough hard work and light shining awaits you my lovelies. Ease past the resistance from the fats cats and running dogs; ease past your self-doubt.

Your inner voice is real. Be true to the children, the ones already here and the ones to come, Be true to those who came before, who rocked the boat, fought the fight, and the ones who were never bought out, who held their dignity high in their communities and were known for it, the ones who did not take the bribe, who did not swallow the Kool aid, and before them, the ones long gone, of whom we read, who shone their lights over what really happened yesterday.

For one and all let us recover our wicket and bat and bowl for the people, not the 1%. They will come around and still be able to ply their wares but on level fields where people are developed not exploited.