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posted 16 May 2017, 19:11 by Gerry Kangalee   [ updated 16 May 2017, 19:17 ]
Maybe if events were not unfolding as rapidly, without adequate response from the leadership of organised labour, I would have gone ahead and suggested that Shame-less could have called Comrade. Remy first and saved herself some embarrassment. I am sure talking to the CWU at home does not cost $50 000. Who’s 'in charge' of her phone anyway?

But when Mariano, interim leader of the National Right Wing political movement, goes on the television and smilingly agrees that, maybe, we should follow the “benign dictatorship model of Singapore'' Shamfa could wait.

Yes folks: that was Mariano on a morning show earlier this week. I do not know if it was intended as 'gallows humour' but this former CLICO hotshot virtually has a radio show on a Party station where his line is the same. "Take on/down the unions; privatise water, lights and transport; lower subsidies''. He must be speaking for some body.

Across the media pond, yet another lawyer was speaking about the imbroglio re: the appointment of Marcia Ayres Caesar to the bench. Folks, there is no way this lady who has publicly confessed to misdemeanour in office can be re-appointed. This is not Bourse Report where an insider trader who once held and has lost public office, picks up where he left off with his morning show.

Beyond Madame Justice, what about the VICTIMS of this 'pas de deux' who remain in legal limbo, either in jail or on bail? What happens TO THEM while this legal body organises petitions, this legal luminary proffers that the lady may have in fact acted under duress or we are told what a fine legal mind Archie has, silk or no silk.

Is 'rioting' the only way that they are going to be heard? Maybe Impsbert hit the nail on the head. What would YOU have done if it had been you? Wait for the Prime Minister to perfect his golf swing?

Worse yet, the leaders of the establishment of the labour movement appear to be unwilling or unable to deal with all these issues. Some claim to be heirs/owners of the Butler legacy while other claim to be carrying on in his spirit. My reading and understanding of those traditions tell me that Butler would have known that the issues of unemployment, poor housing, starvation wages, inequality before the law, landlessness, waterlessness all spring from a common source. That he would have mobilised and organised on community into nationwide basis.

Comrades Weekes, Joe Young, Raffique Shah, Boodram Jattan were not going to sit around discussing 'tri-partism' or 'new labour federations.' They knew and understood that the strongest federations were those on the march in the streets in an organised fashion.

Some might want to suggest that come June 19th 'we shall see' (A tradition started by Errol McLeod). Look comrades, let us be brutally honest. A mighty press conference will be called claiming labour unity and threats to the PNM administration will be hurled. Dillon will mobilise the military and para-military to ensure 'a safe labour day and deal with all possible threats.'

None of this now or then will deal with the issues facing the Guave Road farmers, the sinking sea bridge, the 'squatters' in Sangre Grande, the 'waterless' in communities across the land and the farmers under threat from Taurus Ltd and the Agricultural Development Bank.

Comrades: the change is not 'gonna come'. We have to bring it!