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posted 4 May 2014, 19:55 by Gerry Kangalee   [ updated 4 May 2014, 20:14 ]
Lest I be accused of being stone-hearted, let me make it clear that I consider the murder of Dana Seetahal as being a reprehensible, dastardly act. I hope that Ms. Seetahal’s killers are caught. I also hope that the killers of all the murder victims over the years are also caught. I hope, but do not expect. 

The reactions to Ms. Seetahal’s killing have been very instructive. The lawyers and politicians have expressed horror and outrage and have demanded and vowed that “no stone will be left unturned etc.” Their reaction is to be expected

The most intriguing reactions have come from those who say Ms. Seetahal’s murder is "shocking" a sign that we “gone through” “we really reach”,we go end up a South America type society etc.” 

Is Ms. Seetahal's murder "shocking" in a country where an ex-Attorney General was assassinated almost twenty years ago; where a prime minister was shot in the parliament; where a president’s wife’s convoy was shot at?

Is it "shocking" in a country where the norm is one point something murders a day; where cocaine is shipped in orange juice tins and gunfights are staged to distract the population; where “justice” can only be had in the judicial system if you have money to pay high-priced lawyers (are there any other kind?); where politicians attempt to pass laws to free their corrupt financiers; where people are shot on the compound of the magistrates' court. 

is it only now that  "we really reach" in a country where police have been running drug blocks since the days of Randy Burroughs; where the Scott Drug Report, commissioned in 1984, fingered policemen, lawyers and politicians as being involved in the drug trade and conspiracy to murder; at least two of whom subsequently served in the cabinet of succeeding political administrations. 

This is a country where a sitting police commissioner was arrested in a foreign country and was again arrested offloading drugs from a boat in Carli Bay; in a country where everybody whispers about who is on the take; who has made his millions from running drugs; who has laundered money through supermarket chains and real estate; where everybody “knows” who is the Don whose name we dare not call.

This is a country which for a few years was the kidnapping capital of the world; where in the struggle to control turf, some are routinely beheaded; where foreign assassins have operated with impunity; where watchmen are jailed for possession of hundreds of millions worth of cocaine, while their employers in the import trade get away scot free; here imported ganja is shipped to the business places of state enterprise board members.

How can the expressions of shock and outrage be taken seriously when we show all the characteristics of a narco-state and have shown them for thirty years and more? The fact is that we have been operating the Colombian model, quite successfully for quite a number of years. An entire generation has grown up in this environment. It has become normal.

Every so often, when a high profile person is involved we get all excited and demand action from the very people who are the bedrock of the Colombian model. After a few days we move on to whatever is the new story of the day and try to close our eyes to the routine, day in day out killings and brutality to which we have grown accustomed and over which we express no outrage except to steups.

We “gone through” long time; we “reach where we going” years ago. We will not end up but have already ended up “a South American type society”. The future is now! This country is really in need of a thoroughgoing, root and branch, from the ground up revolution oui!