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posted 28 Jul 2013, 20:32 by Gerry Kangalee

We are presently in our 51st year as an Independent Nation and our 37th year as a Republic. In terms ofelectoral politics we were governed by the PNM for approximately forty three (43) odd years, the NAR for approximately five (5) odd years, the UNC for approximately six (6) odd years and the People’s Partnership for approximately three (3) years.

An analysis of these terms of Office and the electoral process and subsequent results, revealed that our electorate is not politically conscious and has not matured enough politically to ensure that our society embraces a culture where everyone counts and there is social justice and equity for all. In fact those in office played the race card and used party politics and the resources of the state to keep us in check.

Under the governance of the various parties identified earlier, allegations of corruption and misbehavior in public office continued to plague us and so within recent times, at every opportunity we get to address these allegations, we resort to putting another party in office to remedy the situation.

However, upon being elected into Office, the politicians keep us busy fighting each other as party fanatics, so that they could remain in Office, whilst those in opposition do everything possible to get back into office to repeat the cycle. In the meantime, we are saddled with more allegations of corruption and misbehavior in public office and the resulting poor governance.

So instead of us as citizens uniting and doing all the things necessary to demand good governance and accountability in public office, we are presently witnessing a circus in Chaguanas West, where politicians, who once slept together in the same political bed, keeping secrets and defending each other, are now unashamedly washing their dirty linens in public.

Additionally our political immaturity and lack of consciousness is vividly exposed when some of our electorate could openly show public support for individuals with allegations of corruption and misbehavior in Public Office, hanging around their necks like the proverbial albatross.

These individuals portray themselves as if they are politically clean and possess moral values and integrity, when in fact they have achieved status and financial wealth under questionable circumstances. It should therefore be of concern to us that there are those who are prepared to turn a blind eye to dubious characters and questionable activities once they believe they can benefit from them.

This is a sad reflection of our society, for we cannot as citizens complain about poor governance, allegations of corruption and misbehavior in public office, and still show support for those who are accused of committing these acts and show no remorse whilst portraying themselves as the legendary “Robin Hood,” when in fact they are really plunderers who use every opportunity to fill their deep pockets under the guise of loving, caring and helping those in need.

Fellow Citizens, we are the owners of the Nation. Those elected into Office are the servants of the people. So let us do all the things necessary to create a society where every one counts and there is social justice for all. To achieve this we must however show political maturity and reject the politics of those traditional Political Parties, whose leaders are focused on representing their own class interests and filling their deep pockets.

As citizens of Trinidad and Tobago we have been tolerant for too long. It is time that we let them know that the power of the people is greater than the people in power. We are the Owners of our Nation “Trinidad and Tobago”! We have the power! Our Future is in our own Hands! The soul of our Nation is falling apart! Time is drawing nigh but we must be ready to seize the opportunity to determine our own destiny. A word to the wise is sufficient!