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posted 5 Feb 2014, 05:11 by Gerry Kangalee
Good morning and much thanks Mr. Lloyd Taylor,

Your insightful and supportive perspectives are very much appreciated. Thanks as well for your recommendations. We are happy to advise, however, that we had already thought about and are currently implementing some of these .They include:

1. The ongoing mass campaign, via petitions in all the surrounding communities; (to date we would have accumulated in excess of four thousand). As well we have an on line petition

At the time of writing this has garnered two thousand, one hundred and ninety-eight signatories; we would welcome your kind support of this initiative.

2. We have been recommending lands, south of the Churchill Roosevelt Highway, between the Blue Waters and the Pan Trinbago buildings as an alternative site for the SPORTT’s proposed multi-sports complex;

It was never my intention to assert that “...our professionals, with two exceptions only, are willing to commit to community development..." My article was totally misread within this context.

Your recommendations re the Tacarigua Town council will be considered.

With kind regards,
Vernon De Leon