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UPROAR OR DEBATE? by Peter Garvey

posted 18 Feb 2016, 06:18 by Gerry Kangalee   [ updated 18 Feb 2016, 06:25 ]
by Peter Garvey
The people who know me and/or know of me will know what my position is on the current national uproar. I refer to it as an uproar rather than a debate because the real issues are not being discussed but just flung about the place.

For instance, the call for Mayor Tim Kee to resign had little to do with the assault on Asami Nagakiya, whether she was a tourist or not, whether she was talented or not or any unstated unwillingness to bring the perpetrator(s) to justice by the Mayor.

It has everything to do with the framing of his response to the world about her assault (it should be noted that I haven't mentioned rape; I keep hearing that from people but the reports that I have say that she was "strangled").

Now, for the people who wanted Mayor Tim Kee to stay in office, I have absolutely no problem with you; I really don't, because you are entitled to your opinion. What I do have a problem with, though, is the fact that most of the people who I know who support Tim Kee in this situation were calling for Jack Warner to be fired from the then government because of the international shame that he brought to our country.

But we are a country teeming with hypocrites and opportunists whose opinions are shaped by which party is in power. So I really do have a problem with you supporting the Mayor staying in office (See how you can apologize without apologizing See how simple it is to contradict yourself in a most sanctimonious manner).

When a public official in describing people's behaviour at an event as being lewd and vulgar, then putting it to us that alcohol and the assistance of "men" may be involved; then going on to say that a woman has a "responsibility" not to be assaulted, that official is saying to me that if a woman is being lewd, vulgar, under the influence of alcohol and surrounded by men, she has somehow become responsible for her assault.

Now that's a convoluted way of saying that she was loose and drunk in the company of men so "what she get she should take." If that is not cruel and insensitive, I do not know what can be construed as same. To me, tourist or not, you have shamed the nation inter"nation"ally. I would not even go into the "imagine if you will" part of his distasteful discourse.

So now a rising social activist who is so incensed at the middle class, who he determines is behind the calls for the resignation of Raymond Tim Kee as Mayor of Port of Spain, has posted a message on his Facebook page of his intent to rally "600,000 niggas" in defence of the Mayor staying in office.

This message was posted along with a video of the man puffing a cigar. I am not saying that the grassroots people (of which I am one) cannot smoke cigars. That's what grassroots Cubanites do. I just want to know where grassroots people could buy affordable cigars the size of which was in the video.

Finally I want to state that I am a man of African ascent and proud of it. I am neither a “nigger”, “nigga” nor a "Negro".