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posted 18 Dec 2011, 19:28 by Gerry Kangalee   [ updated 18 Dec 2011, 19:31 ]
The management of Non Destructive Testers Ltd. has replied to the President of the National Workers Union’s (NWU) letter accusing the management of the company of victimising and terrorising workers for daring to join the NWU.

In a letter dated 13th December 2011 Managing Director, Ludmila Tackoor Adoo, of course denied the charges made by the union and quite piously stated that the workers “are free to join whatever organisation they choose” as if the company can decide what the workers are “free” to do or not to do.

The point is while that freedom is enshrined in the law a freedom is only useful in so far as it can be exercised; otherwise it is so much words on paper.

In a capitalist society, employers enjoy enormous power over workers because they have the ability to determine who works and eats and who do not. That is precisely why workers all over the world have always found it necessary to form and join unions so that their collective strength could go some way to mitigating the overpowering dominance of the employers.

Of course, the workers of NDT responded to the company’s denial with a long collective steups.
Gerry Kangalee,
18 Dec 2011, 19:28