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posted 28 Jan 2018, 04:25 by Gerry Kangalee   [ updated 28 Jan 2018, 04:40 ]
"But the murders never cease 

(The king of love is dead/Nina Simone) 

So there it is in full black and blue and sand beige colours. Officers in balaclava and sunglasses. Lawbreakers beware: Except of course if you are in the judiciary, a chamber of commerce, a failed insurance company or running a befriended oil company. And if you feel we making joke, check the video. In true Prime Minister style, we will literally kick the shit out of you to show we are serious about fighting crime in prison. What about out of prison? Don't try to change the talk. We cannot brutalise if we have not detected. Yuh want we to kick up who we cyah find?

But there is no need to worry according to the prison authorities since ''this is routine thing we normally do around Carnival time''. Meaning this is how our officers get their kicks? The statement continues. "There is nothing nefarious or nothing alarming''. That should comfort the inmate being kicked and dragged in the video."We got some information about contraband'' Where were these officers when the 2 young officers were found with weapons and drugs in a police vehicle? Oh there is contraband and there is contraband!

The statement claims that this is normal around Carnival. This raises the question: what is normal around Easter, Divali or Labour Day? Will the Law Association, Michael Seales and Company Ltd or the P.N.M's Women’s Group care to comment? Of course they will as soon as it begins to snow on Frederick Street, immediately after Jour Ouvert morning.

This may not be about jailbreaks and cell extractions. This country is simmering as the class warfare escalates. All this talk about moratorium on retrenchment has been shown to be a ploy even as the JTUM, who fell for that pledge, now try to recover lost momentum. Carnival, already its opposite, owned and controlled by the opposing class, may serve as a temporary respite or distraction. The respite will be brief and both sides know it.

These raids and exercises are basically intimidatory. They certainly are not deterring the lower class elements. The going rate for murder in 2018 is 2 per day and admission is open to all: babies, teenagers, foreign nationals, spouses, ex-cons and trans-dressers. It must be to send a warning to those who would challenge the existing social order that we, the ruling class, have prepared ''an armed and ready response'' which you will see all around all day long. We the ruling class proved inept and disorganised in 1970 and 1990. Now we practice due diligence.

Remember during slavery the tactic was to have the slaves witness the most barbaric forms of punishment to any member of the slave population. The slave master lived in constant fear of rebellion and spent an inordinate time preparing for it. What was his 'defense/national security' budget like then? Not hard to imagine. Certainly much less was spent on health, none on education. Infrastructure did not get much. Beginning to sound familiar?

Within the next few days we shall be reading/hearing about plans to make sure Carnival is the 'cleanest, safest ever' which means heavily armed units will be patrolling the streets of Port-of-Spain to deter lawbreakers. And various high profile figures in the paramilitary and the military will hold the rounds of press conferences. As if Carnival has been traditionally a period of increased crime. In fact the opposite tends to prevail.

Who knows? Maybe we will see a lock down on a panyard or mas camp before Carnival is over.