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posted 1 Aug 2013, 16:40 by Gerry Kangalee   [ updated 1 Aug 2013, 16:42 ]
I remember the late Pat Bishop pointing out during a discourse (time and place I cannot recall) that war had become so modern that reports from the battlefield of Iraq/Kuwait were introduced and musically accompanied by timpani drums and other forms of classical music. 

Later on, in another 'battlefield', fought in the “West”, Trinidad and Tobago's descent into further barbarism has been accompanied by all kinds of bells, whistles, sound trucks, tassa, pan and picong. 
And as we segue into another ritual: 'Happy emancipation?' What does that mean? As we segue into another commemoration/celebration, Eid Ul Fitr, there is a diminution of the cacophony of 'huzanga' from the political platform, for a little while. Media houses/advertisers have to catch their breaths and count the money 
Huzanga? A US State department official was visiting a newly independent African country. After his speech at the airport the crowd roared "Huzanga, huzanga''. Delighted, he got into his car and was being driven to the hotel. On the way he noticed that the driver kept swerving. "Why are you doing that?'' he asked? “Animal bull carts pass here all the time”, he was told, “a lot of huzanga on the road." 
I imagine in the coming weeks, leading up to the local government elections, we will all have to 'drive' very carefully, because PNM, UNC, COP, MSJ and IPL will be using these political roads. What will they be downloading? Gobar fuh so

Let us see. MSJ will seek to pave the road with "good governance''. Come to think of it, I would offer King David a small road paving contract right now if I were Ms. K. 

The UNC will probably marshal the entire Cabinet to fill up a school in Papourie Road and offer everybody more 'box drain'. 

PNM will find solace in their political leader’s comment that the losing PNM candidate in Chaguanas West joins him and ANR Robinson as first time losers at elections. The Independent Liberal Party will promise an end to corruption and free wheelchairs to the needy and access to Jack Warner from three in the morning. 
COP will disintegrate while trying to balance pretending to hate Jack Warner with a steely determination to eat a food 
Where does all this leave Kadijah? Guess she could go back to her regular evening job as a comedian/clown with Wendell and the crew on FM 102 on evenings. Speaking of radio' I am amazed that our  Guyanese ILP speaker has not been snapped up to host a talk show. The guy is perfect. He is crass, speaks poorly and has no regard or respect for peoples' sensibilities. Nobody hit the 'low notes' like this fellah. A Guyanese Umbalah!  
So at the end of the political day we are headed for a crash landing. All the aforementioned political formations will continue to speak of better roads, more water and land re-distribution. But people are not 'pigs to be fattened' as CLR James so aptly put it. What is the quality of life, the nature of social relations in Trinidad and Tobago? Who are we? What do we want to be and become?