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posted 22 Oct 2012, 20:12 by Gerry Kangalee   [ updated 8 Feb 2013, 19:51 by Dave Smith ]

On 19th October 2012, the General Secretry of the National Workers Union, Comrade Dave Smith wrote to the Acting Secretary of the Registration, Recognition and Certification Board (RRCB). The letter was copied to all members of the Recognition Board and  to all unions.


I am directed by the National Executive Committee of the National Workers Union to write to you on the issue of delays being experienced by workers and their Unions in applying for recognition for the purpose of collective bargaining.

Over the years, these delays have presented an opportunity for unscrupulous employers to exercise harsh measures against their employees who seek trade union representation, including suspensions, forced retrenchments and unfair dismissals.

Whilst we are of the view this has been a long standing problem, we are hopeful that recent changes in the administration at the Recognition Board might improve matters. Despite this, however, we are seeking a meeting with the Board in order to discuss ways in which applications for recognition can be processed more effectively and more speedily.

We are familiar with working with the Industrial Court and our experience is that, from time-to-time, the Industrial Court will convene meetings of its “stakeholders” in order to discuss matters concerning the Court and to exchange views between the parties.

We think it would be helpful if the Recognition Board could consider a similar approach in organising a meeting with those who utilise the Recognition Board, in order that there can be an exchange of views, not only on the question of speeding up recognition claims, but on any other matters that could be usefully discussed between the parties.

We look forward to a positive response from you.

Yours faithfully,
Dave Smith
General Secretary
The following covering letter was sent to all trade unions:

For many years all trade unions have experienced extreme delays in processing applications for recognition. In addition to that, other issues concerning the way in which the Recognition Board operates have proved to be an obstacle to Union's representing their members effectively.

You will see from the enclosed correspondence that the National Workers Union has written to the Recognition Board seeking a meeting with them to discuss, not only processing recognition claims, but a wide range of other issues.

There has been a change of personnel in the administration of the Recognition Board and we feel this might be an opportune time for the trade union movement to push for a meeting with the Board in order to discuss issues of concern.

We would therefore urge your organisation to write to the Recognition Board seeking a meeting and upporting the approach taken by the National Workers Union.