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posted 5 Jul 2019, 08:13 by Gerry Kangalee   [ updated 5 Jul 2019, 09:01 ]
A group of activists in local soccer have formed a united front in an effort to clean up the nationally embarrassing mess that football finds itself in.

Persistent media reports highlight the serious crisis on and off the field. Our teams are routinely and heavily defeated by opponents whom we would have matched handily in recent years. We have failed and continue to fail to qualify for major international tournaments whether due to our poor standard of play or administrative blunders by the Trinidad and Tobago Football Association.

Developmental programs, especially those of youth football, have faltered. Attendance at football matches is paltry. Referees complain of lack of support from

“It is extremely imperative that the person/persons given the responsibility to run football in our country has the ability, aptitude, experience, knowledge and humility to properly execute this responsibility to improve the inefficiencies plaguing our football.

In the past, Football in our country has experienced difficult times, but never as woeful and disastrous as the present. This current administration has taken our football beyond the depths of despair. Its members have acted in ways that have undermined and destroyed the bedrock of the sport in our country. If any of these men and women have any pride and patriotism, they will do the honorable thing and step down, and allow for the rebuilding process to begin. 

Sport in itself is a powerful vehicle, and by extension football. It is a sport that had a powerful impact on my life. It is heartbreaking knowing that the next generation of players will be deprived of fulfilling their dreams and the opportunities of representing our national teams because of the incompetence and dictatorship of this administration.”

Maylee Attin-Johnson

the national leadership. They point out that we no longer have local officials at international matches in the numbers that we used to. Morale is low within the football community and public support has dried up.

The group , consisting of Presidents of some regions, ex-footballers, some incumbent Board members and former national players based abroad, is gearing up for TTFA elections due by November 30th. The, committee, chaired by Board member Keith Look Loy, outlined the areas of concern which include:
“There are moments when change must be pursued and that time is now.  David John-Williams’ continued ineptitude is having a negative effect that has debilitated football in Trinidad and Tobago. 

Our young players need the correct environment to improve and to grow. The current TTFA leadership is incapable of providing such.

David John-Williams has demonstrated beyond doubt that he cannot improve the reputation of TTFA or instill trust among potential sponsors and stakeholders in Trinidad and Tobago. I believe that the establishment of a united administration is of huge importance to lead the TTFA out of the current mess that has made us a laughing stock among our rivals.”

Kelvin Jack


*The debt crisis in TTFA

*Lack of accountability which forces them to go to court to obtain information re operations of TTFA

Desertion of national teams reflected in the lack of training programs.

*An absence of a technical director

*The collapse of grass roots programs

*Monies owed to retired TTFA employees

In the face of all this David John Williams, President of the TTFA, according to the group, continues to act as if all is well and to show absolutely no interest in responding to the concerns of local football.

He is accused of acting ultra vires the organisation's Constitution in making appointments, in setting up committees and in spending funds. The committee says it will be outlining a road map en route to the upcoming elections, with consultancy with the national football community, on and off the field, as its core principle.