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posted 27 Oct 2018, 05:55 by Gerry Kangalee
My disgust with this country really knows no bounds. It's not that I don't love it; god knows I'm a patriot. Yet it's a place divided within itself and to its detriment, a place where a right thinking and logical person finds it difficult to function.

When you listen to the government speak, in most cases it becomes visibly clear that they are as disconnected from the people and their reality as chalk is from cheese. The insensitivity of their words, the arrogance and callousness meted out to the general population is nothing short of contempt.

We as citizens are just numbers to them. So, 5000 Petrotrin workers losing their jobs is no biggy. We will treat them well. Enhanced severance packages, early retirement etc. Yeah right!

Don't worry: their pension plan has lots of money - money which, without anyone contributing to it, will dry up in a short space of time. What then of the thousands of retirees who depend upon it and who, because of their membership in such a plan, cannot gain access to old age pension? It's no biggy. By the time that happens we will be out of office, one way or another. We would either have been voted out or simply retired from active politics, sitting back and enjoying the fruits of our misdeeds.

What about the domino effect on the large section of the community who depend upon this sector for their livelihood? It's no biggy. We will build a dry docking facility where we will bake pies in the skies.

What about their mortgages? Well it's no biggy. Take the little chump change you are getting in terms of severance and pay it off, if you can that is. Nah, you know you can't. Let the bank take it and then apply for an HDC house somewhere along the flood plains. Yeah man, join the thousands who are already on the waiting list.

What about our children's education, our sons and daughters who are at school and university? Well it's no biggy. After settling your mortgage you can choose to either continue with their schooling or let them drop out. It's really up to you to choose. Remember you still have to live.

What about the increase in the price of fuel? Well that's no biggy either. Do like me and service your bicycles and hope that you don't get your ass knocked down by these crazy drivers.

What about the flooding and the people affected? Again, I tell you it's no biggy. It's only 130,000; they'll recover. It's only ten percent of the population. So what? We don't have time to receive and distribute relief supplies to them. Let the national community deal with that. I mean, we could give some priority to containers bringing relief supplies. We could use the scanners at the port to ensure that nothing unwelcome comes in.

Scanners you say? What scanners? The same scanners we bought but won't use because it may reveal what's really inside some of our
Image result for trinidad and tobago cocaine on the port containers. Then again, that shouldn't be no biggy either. Remember, hundreds of millions of dollars worth in cocaine can leave this port and make it to a foreign country without any kind of paper trail. We just can't figure out where such a shipment could have originated. Of course, we can also find Hundreds of thousands of $US between ply-boards and not know to whom it was shipped.

You people know that the real biggy is in following simple paper trails. The problem is that if we follow the bread crumbs like Hansel and Gretel did, we might really end up at the witches’ door. For us though, there will be no escape. We'll end up in the oven much like that reporter who exposed the Panama papers did recently. Or, we might end up like Mr. Bourdain, dying of "SUICIDE"

What then are our options? Well I think you are asking a foolish question. Needless to say, it's no biggy either. We have another party waiting on the sidelines. They will use all the negative impacts from the actions of this government; they will sell you some kinda pipe dream that all will be well if they're elected come 2020.

They will ask you to forget that simple lawyers turned politicians became real estate magnates under their tenure. They will tell you that Life is a Sport and it never happened. That two pull is good because we have legalised it. Don't worry about that; don't worry about the $US40, 000 bribes which a famous football man had brought in to bribe other officials. Nah, forget that! Forget about Range Rovers and breast squeezers, blow jobs for houses, a secretary being put in charge of a major national security agency. Man, I could go on and on.

Image result for haves and have nots cartoonsYou see, we don't live in a real country. We live in a society of African and Indian, PNM and UNC; the haves and the have-nots. Yet these haves are a very few who are in most cases, neither PNM nor UNC. They are just chess players, pushing us the pawns and knights in order to save their kings and queens.

We live in a country where we will sit back and laugh at another's misfortune simply because he lives in another area; simply because what affects him, in our opinion, won't affect us.

The most humorous part of all this to me is what happens around election time. The mad scramble to align ourselves proudly behind our parties. We don't care what they have done or what they intend to do. We listen to their words dropping like honey from their lips. We gravitate to that honey like ants, not realising that what sweet in goat mouth sour…

For all the wealth generated in this economy over the last decades, we should all be living comfortably. The resources of the state should trickle down to every citizen of this nation, and it does. It's just that any money allocated for anything may start of as a gush but, by the time it reaches the intended targets, it's really reduced to a trickle. Again, that's no biggy. All the big wigs have to "eat ah food”: kickbacks and bribes, money diverted to private accounts. Meanwhile, the hierarchy sit in their tall towers and houses on the hills, and look down and laugh at us. They don't know what it's like to be poor, to wonder what you will eat today or if your children will go to school.

For that matter, the houses which they live in, high above the flood plains, were built by clearing down the vegetation on those slopes: allowing for the water to run off freely into the flood plains. Well, that's no biggy either. The people living down there are just numbers; subjects whom are to be treated with scant courtesy. After all, they have absolutely no say in this "democracy". They gave up that right when they voted.

Their responsibility is to put their red and yellow glasses on every five years and rally behind their rulers and monarchs. I understand. Every successful king throughout history has used his army to conquer his enemies, to build their empires. It's no different here and now. These armies may not use guns, swords, spears or shield, yet they are an army all the same. They use hate, race, fear, threats and intimidation to win their wars.

There is no justice in this land, no equality, no fairness, even through the legal system; unless you can afford to pay for it. The recent occurrences with the OWTU's injunction in the various courts, proves just that. After that fiasco, do you still think that justice can be had here? Do you still believe that those put to adjudicate on such matters are themselves, devoid of affiliation? Think again!

I remember a story about a foolish emperor who walked naked in front his people thinking that he had on the most beautiful robes. Here it's the opposite. Here, we are the ones walking naked in front our kings unaware that we are in fact naked.

We are powerless as a people living in this land, nah, scratch that. We have power, we are just too divided to realise where it lies.

Say what, IT’'S NO BIGGY!