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posted 14 Nov 2012, 22:38 by Gerry Kangalee   [ updated 14 Nov 2012, 22:47 ]
After four hours of deliberation on Wednesday 14th November, the General Council of the Trinidad and Tobago Unified Teachers’ Association (TTUTA) has decided on a campaign of direct action to force the Chief Personnel Officer (CPO) to shift her position in her negotiations with TTUTA. The union has described the CPO’s position as “insulting”. 
  • The General Council has decided to shut down schools on Friday November 16th;
  • to “rest and reflect” on Thursday November 22nd and Friday November 23rd;
  • to picket the office of the CPO on Friday November 16th;
  • to authorise district executive members/zone convenors to visit schools and mobilize teachers; to stage a Mass demonstration on Friday November 29th. 
The teachers’ union was reacting to the latest provocative proposals from the CPO in their negotiations for a contract period which expired in 2011 and for which talks have been going on since March 2010. 
The CPO, according to TTUTA, has offered what amounts to 4.7 to 6.4%. The CPO argues that: 
“Appropriate” inter-grade differential of grades 3 and 4 must be sought and insists that existing inter grade differentials between all other grades must be maintained;

Appropriate salary differential between the salary of the Chief Education Officer (CEO) and the final point on the Grade 8 scale must be maintained. Her figures indicate a salary differential of 41% between the CEO and the Grade 8 maximum. The CEO position is the next higher position not represented by TTUTA. The salary of the CEO is set by the Salaries Review Commission and serves as a cap on teachers’ salaries.

The CPO continues to talk about affordability and sustainability as if she were the Minister of Finance.

TTUTA has proposed what can amount to approximately 16% after closure of the Gap.

In TTUTA’s proposal, the salary differential between the CEO and the maximum of Grade 8 is 22%.