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posted 18 Nov 2019, 09:51 by Gerry Kangalee   [ updated 18 Nov 2019, 10:06 ]
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Voices from health care... 

For over a year now we have been predicting this: the systematic shut down of the health care system in Tobago. And over the last 2 weeks it has happened.

So young Sheldon has levelled a misconduct charge against the MCOS, citing that she has brought the TRHA into disrepute because of the email she sent, we would like to tell you about some issues that continue to bring the TRHA into disrepute and you tell us why heads have not rolled as yet.

- 4 senior managers continue to be on administrative leave, with full pay over 8 months now. It doesn't take 8 months to conduct an audit and it certainly doesn't take 8 months for an IR consultant to review the findings.

- selected clients for the pink room…how are these rooms being resourced, do they have a budget or are they being funded after starving the hospital services?

- no gas in our vehicles because we can’t pay NP; vehicles shutting down on the road.

- nurses continue to buy basic items for dressings as none are available in stores.

- patients eating the same thing day after day because suppliers aren't paid, while the THA holds birthday bash for Agatha in Pigeon Point.

- no GM Operations, no Biomedical Engineer, no Mechanical Engineer, no qualified Pharmacy Manager....but we jamming still.

- can anyone tell us about the ICU that the MCOS was building? What’s the status of this building? Is it completed or just a white elephant sitting in the corner? How much of taxpayers money was spent on this project?

- any word on the healing garden? We hear you all brought Ottley from Trinidad with nothing to do, so he's building a healing garden.

- why is it the MCOS is being told to seek suitable coverage for the medical ward, don't we have a GM HR? Doesn't recruitment fall under HR?

- the HR consultants, Doyle and partner, why are they still here? Have they not finished their jobs, their consultancy? Who is paying them while staff can’t get gratuity?

- what is the purpose of those leadership trainees walking around the TRHA, are they working for their salaries and who is paying their salaries while we can't get our gratuity?

- does the TRHA still have a board of directors? What are they here to do? Are they providing any governance to the TRHA?

- what's the latest on the task force? Anybody knows who are on this mysterious task force that seems to be set up to investigate themselves....the disrespect continues.

- about a month ago there were meetings with the board. We hear all board members ditched those meetings after the first encounter with staff. What's the message being sent?

While we are happy that Dr Wheeler is back in the seat. We want him to know that uneasy is the head that wears the crown. We hope you do not lose your objectivity and stoop to the evil powers that prevail over the TRHA.