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posted 8 Sep 2015, 20:19 by Gerry Kangalee
Even as Smiley Fwankie introduced our 7th Prime Minister Keith 'Wowley' one had to concede that the outgoing political leader of the country had the second to last laugh on election night. Rowley emerging victorious had the first and Jack, claiming Kamla's scalp as he went down in political flames, had the 3rd to last.

You see, there were lots of run offs on election night. The first was around 7 p.m. when never again acting Prime Minister Errol ran off when asked to comment on the upcoming results. Who would have thought it? McLeod turning down yet another chance to play to the crowd? And hastening onto the dust heap of history, though it would surprise no one if he found 'rehab' in Paramount building. After all, Agreement has been signed with Rowley.. as was signed with Kamla 5 years ago..

Then for the whole night Moonie could not be found or heard from. Moonie who sateth at the right hand of Kamla and on her left hip for 5 years and 3 Parliament-dissolved months also seemed to have run off. Up to this time, one night after the election results, he has not been heard . The last loudmouth so silenced was Anil of 2 pull fame

Of course the run off of the night was Ms. Persad-Bissessar who, rather than face the tassa music at Rienzi complex, ran off to her home base in Siparia. Can't blame the lady either, after all she was no longer one of the best dressed or most powerful 100 women in the world .It must have been a sobering thought..shhh! No snide remarks please.

But as required she soldiered on. Debe/Penal was not invited to 'lift every voice and sing' like the last time she lost. But she was inflicted enough to raise the non-issue of who got the most votes. Where did she get that from? Brent Sancho of course! In football they sometimes display charts showing who had possession of the ball most of the game..Which means nothing since goals win matches and seats win elections.

Another significant run off was Prakash. He was running off at the mouth seeking to give support to Keithos with his one man/one seat Party. ”If Mr. Rowley is true to his word....blah blah''. As one radio talk show host put it the Congress of the People is now the Congress of the Person.

I want to suggest that Prakash is the first candidate in Trinidad history to go up on a Party ticket and emerge as an independent. He alone won for the COP and there is no longer any Partnership. Sorry Errol Fabien. He beat you to it.

The last run off came late in the race when the election result had already been determined. It looked like we would have been seeing Cliff Couteau's Pirelli tyre hair hairpiece in Parliament for another 5 years. Alas the majority of voters opted for a different hairstyle in 2015 and his opponent ran off with his political wig. One is tempted to call it a close shave.