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posted 11 Nov 2014, 07:49 by Gerry Kangalee   [ updated 12 Nov 2014, 09:10 ]
Cyril Lionel Robert James

CLR James would often say, in reference to progressive people who joined conventional politics/institutions, 'if you don't change the rules...the rules would change you''.

I cannot claim to know the political outlook of the incumbent President of the Republic. If one is to judge by his pronouncements on assuming office, even those he made when he last sentenced a prisoner, then the rules seemed to have affected swift profound change in him. On that occasion, he spoke of seeking to balance mercy with the need to carry out the rule of law.

At an address at UWI quite recently, and in previous private exchanges, he has professed admiration for the socialistic policies of the Cuban society. One wonders if he knew what Fidel's take home pay was like. Or if Fidel has retired quietly to a home in Havana nothing like what his ilk inhabits.
Now Rachel P: let us steer clear of 'pre-action protocol' correspondence. This appears in the Trinidad Express of November 08,  "It was the Secretary of the President who asked for an interpretation of the payment of the now controversial housing allowance''. Notice that advice was not sought from Pope Frankie on this critical matter. Horsey, as we say in Trini lingo,was proceeding correctly, no doubt reflecting his judicial training. In other words, when he 'filed his motion' he was not going to lose on appeal. This is a brethren who could have been sitting on the bench, not outside his house by the Savannah, but rather on a Bench in the International Criminal Court, prosecuting local "Islamic fundamentalists' who never visited the caliphate.
He knows what powers he had or wanted. As if $64,720.00 tax free salary, $9630 duty allowance (separate from salary), free medical allowance for himself and dependents, access to a fleet of cars and free overseas travel were not financial power enough.

At least you do not have to worry about police stealing your car!

Thank god he does not have to use "Red Band' maxi taxi transport which recently increased  fares by $1. In passing, sir, may I offer a word of advice/suggestion to keep you out of the minds/mouths of irreverent talk show hosts, comics and calypsonians who might want to suggest this is all about dressing/covering your wife properly. You know how 'yuh can't please them'. Do not take any more photos of yourself leaning over to talk to Pope Frankie! Some caustic local might add a caption: "Ah ketch dem"!

Bro, I do not know if you will win this one or how far you may want to carry it legally. Such a request can never be "legitimate'', but power can make anything ''legal''. Ask those who practised slavery, apartheid, Nazism, discrimination against women and those who wrote the Industrial Relations Act.

But I imagine you have reason to be confident, although Ten Million Larry's response may have surprised you somewhat. I do know if next year I have any raffle sheets, concert tickets or barbecue sales whom to contact first.

I wonder what Che, CLR, Mao and others on the left would think about this form of 'socialist admiration'