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THE REAL ENEMY by Peter Garvey

posted 18 May 2018, 07:12 by Gerry Kangalee   [ updated 18 May 2018, 07:16 ]
As Massy Stores gears up to downsize, it is imperative that we "overstand" why this is happening.

Forget Imbert and that "economic turnaround" nonsense. Even in economic prosperity employers do their best to minimize manpower costs or any costs associated with production; the employer class calls it "maximizing their productivity costs" but we all know what that means.

What is happening at Massy Stores was inevitable. Those who didn't see it coming need binoculars, instead of glasses! Why do you think that they started their "environmental protection" initiative? No bags really meant no packing attendants. With the public "making them out" and them being lampooned on social media by people such as Sunny Bling, they had to lash out; it is akin to Arthur Lok Jack's "...wouldn't get more hospital beds." statement when Patrick Manning's attempt to buy an executive jet was met with public decry and the contract was subsequently squashed.

Comrades, all this is the emotional response of capitalism. It cannot be fought and put down by wishes. It cannot be conquered by electing officials that are ruled by a few people who receive more government handouts than the poor and needy, while trying to take away the facilities that help the poor and needy.

The argument that capitalism embraces competing business forces that in turn force prices down is also a myth. When we had one telephone company, we clamoured for more. Now we have Digicel competing with B mobile (TSTT), have prices gone down? We have Flow, Blink, Digicel, DirecTV, Green Dot et al providing TV and internet services simultaneously, are prices being reduced?

We have a myriad of Supermarkets and Mini-marts all over our twin island state, yet food prices keep escalating. So how has capitalism as an economic concept improved our society? How has capitalism addressed the social disparity that it promised to address? The same percentage of persons who elevate themselves out of poverty in the capitalist way of surviving, is the same percentage of people who keep the mass poor and ignorant.

To fight this scourge of capitalism without bloodshed is to elect officials who are willing to change our system of governance. Where electing them into office is not the end of public contribution. Where, we, the mass of people, have a say beyond "reddening we finger". Let us look for such people. Let us among ourselves form another party or parties that are willing to coalesce for this purpose and not for the purpose of the trappings of office. If we cannot do this or are unable to find persons who can carry out the people's mandate, then we are truly a failed society.

I have hope that we are not.