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THE GOLDEN STRAW By Robin Ramkissoon

posted 16 Mar 2014, 08:53 by Gerry Kangalee
For "argument sake" let us say that the VAST majority of people in this country do not take action on the he JTUM’s call for a public march to “take a stand for Trinidad and Tobago”
Some brushing aside those remarks by concluding that "all dem politicians does tief so wha’ we go do.”

On the other hand the PP loyalists and those getting a lil food from the trough is contending that “dem fellas is ah set ah PNM undercover agents who spreading anti government propaganda to destabilise the government and create mischief.”
The party loyalists and the eat ah fooders will say: “You know why dey set de date one day before the PP 4th anniversary? Is because dey want to overshadow the PP achievements with lies , half truths and innuendos. All dem propaganda about corruption… you see anybody get charge or lock up for it?” 

A lot of box drain building, water lines and paving of minor roads south of the Caroni is happening full speed ahead (areas one would define as UNC territory). How do you get these people attention to take action on "their government”?

So, the big question is how does the JTUM get the masses to participate? I am of the view that the JTUM first has to call COSSABOs at various union venues with programmes to educate and energise the campaign. COSSABOs must be appraised of all the charges against the Government with facts and arguments to back up the charges.

During these COSSABOs ideas, information and suggestions from the secondary ranks will come out to broaden the directions for the way forward. Those ideas, information and suggestions are never generated /articulated by the middle class and bourgeois leaders of the trade union movement.

Next the same approach with public meetings and walkabouts, but this they must be backed up with pamphlets, with articles of facts and statistics to legitimise the issues at hand.

Diverse organisation, NGO's and religious bodies are speaking out about corruption by the “Cabal and their agents.” The thing is research and networking is critical if we are to unearth the golden straw that breaks the camel's back.