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posted 16 Jul 2014, 20:15 by Gerry Kangalee
"The Gods must be crazy?" Isn't that what the average Brazilian football fan thinking? Or they must be against such wasteful economics, of which the Woe Cup might be one form. To suffer such a melt down is almost inconceivable in football: not unheard of if you follow the constant misfortunes of the West Indian cricket team. They manage embarrassing loss after loss without inputs from the Trinidad and Tobago Prime Minister. 
Now Pele, Ronaldo, Roberto Carlos and Romario know what Viv Richards, Clive Lloyd and Andy Roberts have lived through. Inconceivable, unimaginable and incredible: it is as if we heard one morning that Mother Theresa had donned a pair of tight shorts, had taken a couple tattoos, was wearing a low cut top and was thumbing rides in a Calcutta neighbourhood. No one would believe the Room 201 video with the Hindi voiceovers. Guess in a case like that we would all blame the Pope.

Scolari has in his own lifetime become legend. No one in Brazilian football has been an architect of such epic disaster. The 3rd place play-off was supposed to offer some respite after "Seven-up'' had become the national drink of Brazil. Now the most popular song in Brazil has to be Mighty Sparrow's "Ten to one is Woe Cup'.

Maybe Neymar is thanking, in some ironic way, the Columbian defender who helped him avoid this debacle. Like the Manchester United footballers who were not on board when their team's flight went down in 1957, this young man's burden, temporarily lifted through injury will return tenfold since he will be expected, in some corners, to lead a Brazilian football recovery. Let us hope he does better than Brian Lara who actively sought captaincy of the West indies cricket team, a task for which he proved monumentally unsuited..

I look forward to seeing soon on social media Scolari and Otis Gibson exchanging pennants and jerseys.

I wonder what Jack's take on all of this is? Nostalgia and sneaking admiration for the official who reportedly pulled off a U$ 52m. dollar scam? Regret that he is the one man who could have saved Scolari's hide by offering a job as Trinidad and Tobago's coach? It is the only country in the world that would offer him a job right now and get the government to pay for it.

Big Phil would be the latest in the line of dead beat coaches Jack managed to hire during his reign as "Special Adviser'' to the local federation. In passing; you all remember Vranes who was our national coach almost two decades ago? He is back in the local mix according to media reports…and why not? Eastern Europe has tended to be politically hot of late.

Do we realise this is the first time Jack has watched the World Cup on a big screen T.V? I wonder if they missed him in Brazil. He could not even share his big screen with Errol who himself could not accompany the P.M. Somebody has to stay here and take the fall vis-a-vis Watson Duke and call for the jailing of trade unionists who are legitimately defending the interests of workers, maverick style notwithstanding.

Hard to believe this Minister was first vice president of a union, fourteen of whose members were jailed in 1982 for refusing to obey a court injunction instructing them to vacate their occupation of the Bermudez Biscuit Company. It is interesting that none of the others seem anxious to act in the P.M's absence. I guess with just about ten months to go in office they have more important things to do than try to sound powerful and statesman-like to a totally cynical national audience.