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posted 25 Sep 2014, 18:53 by Gerry Kangalee
History according to Karl Marx first occurs as tragedy then as farce. Or is it fast? Media reports suggest that Dr. Kublalsingh has appointed/anointed the leader of the Movement for Social Justice as his successor if his fast does indeed end in tragedy. The process/protocol for appointing someone to fast in your place we do not know and there is no need to speculate on such a serious matter.

There are some real 'fat cats/heavyweights' in the Labour Movement who could shed a few pounds and their BMW's and Audi's would hardly have suspension troubles, but leave that to the leader of the ILP who has found it in his heart to now support the Highway Re-Route leader's initiative. I do not know what kind of archives the "Sunshine ' has built up but wasn't the leader of the ILP suggesting, in a previous incarnation, that Dr. Kublalsingh was secretly eating 'doubles' at night?

Oh, do not bring that up! Yesterday was yesterday and elections are in the air and the Budget has not made any provision for removing fire trucks. Damn you Larry Howai!

But given that the Highway Re-route Movement now has a 'potential/likely/possible/acting' leader, who lacks the consistency of his former President General, what should we expect from the MSJ/JTUM/HRM coalition now? Last time they marched from Memorial Park to the President's Home to ask him to defer signing the Constitution Amendment Bill. Now, one can understand that. It is like going to a political Privy Council now that you have exhausted all your appeals and you know that this run-off arrangement effectively seals your fate…if you had a chance in the elections anyway…kind of like looking for a political "Pratt and Morgan''

We don't know if marching in the night has clouded their vision but have they not noticed the politics of the President is leaning heavily to the right?

Weren't these guys talking to Ramesh and Jack a couple months ago at Rienzi? It would surprise no one if they ended up talking to Errol again? But they would have to hurry because his acting career has taken off in a big way. Ever notice no one else acts in Kamla's absence? Some of us believe if a certain period passes and Kamla has left the country, he urges her to go somewhere even if it is for a day so he can get his fix; like a chain smoker who needs only 'two pull' and passes the cigarette. No, the term 'two pull' is not patented or copyrighted and can be used outside of hotel rooms and away from foreign guests.

So our best wishes go out to the leader of the MSJ on his anointment into the House of Kublal and away from the house of David.