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posted 6 Aug 2013, 10:28 by Gerry Kangalee
August 6, 2013

The PP Government and the PNM Opposition have demonstrated to Trinidad and Tobago a crystal clear example of Class Unity and Solidarity by our Politicians as it relates to their demand for more money for their bad representation and endless acts of enriching themselves at the public expense. They have all agreed (PP and PNM) that they need to be paid more for their mismanagement of the country’s affairs.
Agitator number one is PP’s Minister Roodal Moonilal who just 2 years ago was advising workers to wine to the side because they wanted more than the measly 5% his government was offering public sector and state enterprise workers. This same Minister Moonilal a few months ago leased a luxury vehicle costing citizens millions of dollars instead of utilizing the millions to provide housing for our homeless. 

103,000 of our people work for $2,150 per month and he (Moonilal) accrues sixteen (16) times the minimum wage of $33,000 not to mention allowances of some $13,000. Yet he wants more money. Perhaps our politicians have “TO PAY THE DEVIL FOR THEIR EVIL WAYS”. Our Minister never even mentioned that one third of our population are on low wage poverty rates, the exception being the minority organized union workers who struggle daily to maintain decent wages and conditions.

Next was PNM’s MP Donna Cox who said that the MP’s salary ($14,000) plus benefits is insufficient and should be increased. This MP represents an impoverished area where many minimum wage workers reside. She earns seven times the salary of these workers she represents. She wants more money for her work but she has not seen it fit to move a motion in Parliament to increase the minimum wages her constituents receive so as to “raise their heads above water” and save them from drowning in poverty.
Then came PNM’s Senator Farris-Al-Rawi; complaining that $10,000 per month for four days work per month plus perks was not enough pay for a Senator. He never seemed to have realized that $2,150 per month (minimum wage) for twenty-three days work is exploitation of poor people in comparison to his privileged status of $10,000 working four days per month.
This issue of more money for members of Parliament has exposed the selfishness, insensitivity, contempt and disregard our politicians have for the poor and working people of our country. The very people who elected them and gave them power are ignored and disrespected. Our vulgar politicians with their vulgar politics take care of themselves at the expense of working people. They engage in tokenism and handouts to the less fortunate while they splurge in the wealth of Trinbago. 

They are temporary enemies when they seek power at election time. But when seeking their economic interests they indecently display their Class Unity and Solidarity. This election after election mamaguy MUST STOP!

Cecil Paul.
San Juan