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posted 29 Jun 2014, 20:22 by Gerry Kangalee
Trinbago has entered into the stage of barbarism. That is, behavioural patterns that are extremely violent, uncivilized, extremely greedy, uncaring towards women, children and the aged and where immorality and dishonesty prevails in important institutions that regulate, service and provide governance to the people. 

There is a collapse of policing as criminals commit murderous acts and other crimes with the vast majority going undetected and unsolved. The police have been unable to get rid of the gangs, arrest the drug dealers and protect the majority law abiding and peaceful citizens in the crime infested areas. There is a persistent view that the most deadly gangs in the country are made up of police officers. 

It is proven that criminals in these areas are a small minority of the area’s population. With a Minister of National Security and a Police Commissioner viewed as incompetent, our National Security is in a mess and needs urgent interventions. 

Political corruption has penetrated into all areas of government and has spread like the plague through all areas where the ruling politicians control. Government contract procurement, foreign exchange, state enterprises, social services, health and utilities are all arenas of consistent corrupt practices. 

Even the parliament has now introduced a new arena of legislative corruption with the introduction of massive pension benefits to parliamentarians. In a show of class solidarity and greed the PNM has joined the PP government at the hip on these obscene benefits for our corrupted politicos. The independent voters may now be in a quandary and may be of the view that one party is Massa Cow and the other Massa Bull. 

The Health Sector is collapsing and is now being diverted to the private sector medical institutions at monumental costs to taxpayers. Imagine a government in the year 2014 boasting that fifty-six percent (56%) of people now have water with no mention that he remaining forty-four percent (44 %) or half a million people have no reliable supply of water. This advertisement demonstrates the contempt, disrespect and insensitive nature of our politicians. Half of your people are denied a regular supply of an essential commodity and you see an opening to bray about some “achievement”. Shame on them! But shame is a revolutionary sentiment, isn’t it? 

National morality and efficiency is at an all time low with high levels of political corruption, heinous crimes, human trafficking, substandard education and health services, police incompetence, rumours of death squads, inability to get passports renewed, long delays in the transport offices and capital flight to name a few. 

It is rumoured that the shortage of foreign exchange results from (1) the demand for foreign exchange to purchase illicit drugs and guns which fuels the uncontrollable crime rates in our country and (2) large scale capital flight by the politicians and other elites who have lost faith in the country’s ability to survive an ongoing descent into barbarism. 

The politicians are bent on dismantling the state sector as they divest the state enterprises to the elites thereby reducing the treasury’s intake of revenue to fund social projects that benefit the poor, lower income and middle class citizens. FCB, PP Gas Processors, Government holdings in CLICO have gone or are going and all the other state entities are carded to be divested to the local elite who will then sell to the foreign corporationsto make huge profits as with Royal Bank. 

It is clear that in the next ten years or so our economy will be almost totally foreign owned. As a result governments will have less revenue to provide essential services to our people. Nepotism in the hiring of inefficient management, corruption in contract awards and kickbacks from inexperienced contractors have all greatly damaged our state enterprises providing the “justification” for divestment. 

Foreign companies own most of our natural energy resources. All we receive are rents in the form of taxes and fees. A country whose major earning entities are foreign owned is a country that is not truly independent but dependent on external forces. Trinbago is in a state of neo colonialism and therefore unable to not only provide for its citizens but also unable to chart its destiny. Our young people and those unborn citizens will therefore have a difficult and uncertain future. 

The labour movement is divided. There are no strategic goals formulated or articulated to deal with these national crises. Trade union membership is shrinking drastically while an estimated eighty-three percent of workers are unorganized and extremely exploited. A march here and a Labour Day there is not enough. The national crisis demands a national response. The work is difficult but necessary. 

The peoples’ organizations must be brought together and organized into a national united front to save our country from the barbaric politicians. The regime (made up of two parties) must be brought to its knees. Elections will not solve the problems. A social revolution is unavoidable if we are to cleanse our country from corruption, crime, incompetence and wholesale nepotism. We did it several times in our history during colonialism and independence. We have the capacity once we unite, organize and take strategic and decisive action.

The barbarism has already descended upon us. The only solution is social revolution