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TAKE A BATHE! By Rae Samuel

posted 21 Aug 2018, 06:02 by Gerry Kangalee
Time to get clean again
Iwer George

Thank God Gary didn’t get de wuk then. Forensic would have been filled with cockroaches in body bags from the Beetham Estate. Monkey know what tree to climb and when. Had this terrorist attack on Acting A.G Fitzie with his long sleeved Van Huesen button downs, occurred after Inspector Gadget's swearing in, it might have been water cannon and armoured cars in a jiffy. With Hema on speed dial! Oh she doh pass on the Beetham again? Hee hee! What's that? The way the Inspector speaks any conversation by him is speed dial. Hmm!

What did the goodly representative expect displaying such very poor Hinds-sight? You go into a flood hit area not in the appropriate swim wear but rather dressed to film/be filmed. This is why ''Row-hand'' of Galleons fame is a master class. He would have gone in in slickers and Wellingtons and promised to install water pumps in the landfills and offered citizens free passage on the water taxis til the week end. To think that you are in this game longer than he is! I predict you will succeed yuh lawyer pardna as the next Minister of National Security. Either you or Garcia

After 2 days the residents, not sure where or how the next meal or arrest/police raid coming from, would have gone back to earning a nickel and spending a dime as the new school term opens, in addition to stealing cell phone and re-stealing SUV's if media reports are to be believed or is that Belmont or Gonzales or John John? It doesn’t matter; is just people ketching dey nennen and targetted as being responsible for all the ills of the nation, except, of course, when is time to vote..

Speaking of boats, water and floods, folks, I recently made an overseas trip to Tobago. As we headed out to sea we noticed the Galleons Passage. A word to those hard working media practitioners: Please stop asking non-sequiturs* of our Cabinet Ministers. Even con men get tired of the gullible.

When is the Galleons Passage going into service? When is Jesus coming back? When is the new Point Fortin hospital going to open? When will we see the report on the breakout from the Prison? When will Ish and Steve be extradited? When will David John Williams be held accountable for the TTFA accounts? When will Jason Holder step down? When will Hillary be sworn in as the first female president of Arkansas?

The boat does look much smaller than those in service now. I guess after touring the world nonstop for nearly a year any boat would lose weight. Or maybe our Cabinet shopping crew, mindful of how long it takes to reach Tobago thought, “less weight, more speed." Unlike Ms Alfonso and Devanand Maharaj I am no expert on Marine affairs.

I am too busy minding my own and occasionally that of the JTUM who seem to have been brought to their knees by the PNM. Jeez!

But using this administration's faultless and seamless logic, if I were buying a boat from Australia, I would look for guidance from Brian Lara or Clive Lloyd.

* a statement (such as a response) that does not follow logically from or is not clearly related to anything previously said.