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posted 5 Jan 2015, 19:24 by Gerry Kangalee   [ updated 5 Jan 2015, 19:26 ]
Carlanne St. John is a registered nurse employed at the South West Regional Health Authority (SWRHA). Carlanne is also a member of the National Health Workers Union (NHWU), which is affiliated to the National Workers Union (NWU). More significantly Carlanne is the mother of the late Tevin Kerron Robertson who died in a vehicular accident in March 2014. Tevin was one of T&T’s up and coming cricketers for whom knowledgeable cricket connoisseurs predicted a bright future.

Tevin was nineteen years old and had represented the Trinidad and Tobago Under 19 Team in Barbados and played with Powergen Cricket Club and Moosai Cricket Club and at the time of his death he was training with the Trinidad and Tobago Senior Cricket Team.

In tribute to her son, Carlanne St. John has established the Tevin Robertson Cricket Foundation. which is dedicated to the memory of Tevin and hopes to ensure that his name, and the names of so many of our young people whose lives were lost way too soon, lives on.

Carla said that Tevin was an aspiring cricketer with big dreams, and while, as nineteen year olds will, he made mistakes and had occasional slip ups, for the most part he was a model young man who had the ability to touch the hearts of those he came in contact with.

“Tevin”, she said “was an inspiration to many, a humble, respectful young man, with a passion for life and cricket. We have lost many young people in our society… so many are lost to drugs, alcohol and criminal activity, we remember Tevin as one of those intent on making a positive difference. In his nineteen years he made more of a difference and touched more lives than many people do in a lifetime.”

The idea behind The Tevin Robertson Cricket Foundation is to provide support, mentorship and guidance to young

...I remember your first bat

None of the remote controlled cars or planes impressed you

You'd run around the house with a comb and a soft drink cover

Batting the cover for six

We finally had to concede and buy you cricket gear

Then you'd bat the ball tirelessly against the wall

You were bowler, batsman, fielder and wicketkeeper

Running around for hours.

I knew then you were destined for greatness

And when I stood in the burning sun for hours watching you train

I would smile to myself and think, 'he'd better be great!”

And great you were


I remember when I took you to your first cricket match

You were about four or five

You knew the names of most of the Australian players as well as all the W.I

You asked me who they were then patiently explained with childish exasperation

Until I deliberately told you the wrong thing just to see your reaction


I remember going to the library with you

You insisted on borrowing boring black and white comic books about Frank Worrell

And Learie Constantine

Then I'd be forced to read them over and over and over

Til I hid them and said I had no idea where they were

And then you made me borrow Courtney Walsh's autobiography

And I had to read that cover to cover

Of course I had to edit some parts


...So many memories

So many things to hold on to now and gather strength

Your humility, your passion, your character

Your love of life

Your determination

I'm going to play cricket forever you would say

Its close of play for today son

Your 1st innings was excellent!

cricketers with big dreams, mainly from the southern, sometimes remote parts of our country. The foundation is in the process of registering through the Ministry of Legal Affairs as a non-profit organization, following which, registration will occur simultaneously with the Ministry of Sport and Youth Affairs and the Sport Company of Trinidad and Tobago.

An interim committee is in place until a Board of Directors can be finalized and installed. Although the foundation is certain of the support of the Trinidad and Tobago Cricket Board, in order to achieve its mission of “empowering young sportspeople to their fullest potential both on and off the cricket field”, it will require further assistance from non-government organizations and individuals who believe its cause to be just.

Some of their plans include:

The sponsorship of two under fourteen cricketers for a minimum period of five years, inclusive of equipment, academic lessons, cricket coaching, stipends, etc.

The conducting of a Professional Development Seminar prior at the start of the 2015 cricket season, looking at the holistic development of young people - emotional, mental, spiritual and physical

The Sponsorship of the Tevin Robertson 35 Overs Competition to be run annually, within one of the zones of the Trinidad and Tobago Cricket Board, starting in 2015. The Tevin Robertson Challenge trophy is to be constructed by Mr. Junior Bisnath to be awarded to the best bowler

The organizing of training sessions for senior players, especially those who may fall into ‘at risks’ groups, who are involved in the foundation to ‘give back’ by coaching younger players.

Partnering with the Ministry of Sports and the Trinidad and Tobago Cricket Board to identify young, aspiring cricketers

Spokespersons for the Foundation claim: “Although our aspirations are high, we are by no stretch of the imagination, professionals who possess all the pre-requisite knowledge about the way forward, but in order to keep your dreams alive, and to achieve anything it requires faith and belief in yourself, vision, hard work, determination, and dedication.”

Those with the know-how, experience, expertise, resources, and most importantly, the willingness to assist may contact either Ms. Rhea St.John, at 308 0938 or Mr. Amin Forgenie at 352 0781