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posted 24 Apr 2017, 08:33 by Gerry Kangalee   [ updated 24 Apr 2017, 08:35 ]
I refer to the article: YOU KNOW HOW HARD IT IS TO BUY A BOAT.

The most amazing aspect of all of this is that it was reported that during the evaluation of the bids the Galicia failed some 5 of the 7 criteria set by the experts in the Request For Proposals (RFP), yet the users in both Tobago and Trinidad seem very satisfied that the boat was performing well and do not want what similar experts are offering them today.

Except for the major narrow shipping lane which is used by the big boats and cruise ships which is about 40 foot the depth, the depth of water in the rest of the port area is no more than 20 foot and most of it is less than that. One can see the silt in the bottom of the sea being brought to the surface when these boats start their engines which, it should be noted, is never at full throttle when they do. The whole area becomes regularly silted up by deposits from the Caroni River/Wetlands and other sources.

In simple terms: the Port has not been maintained by regular dredging as it should be and the barge is being offered as an option because it can work in the shallow draught of the limited sea area available in the busiest part of the Port.

Hyatt's foundation affected? yeah right!!
With regard to the foundations of the Hyatt being affected - that is all nonsense because the foundations of the Hyatt are protected by a sea wall and peripheral sheet piling to the entire site. The foundations for the buildings also sit on a network of piles that are driven to depths of over 80 feet. Vibration during start up of the vessel may be affecting the guests and the windows but the boat should not be parked where it is in the first place and that problem would have existed from inception - giving more than sufficient time to deal with it.

Whatever decision is arrived at, that Port will have to be dredged and it is going to be done sooner rather than later - and it had better be sooner. I should add here that the last major dredging of the Port resulted in the creation of the most expensive land around the city i.e. the lands immediately south of PriceSmart in Movietowne. It is the same land that Afra Raymond stopped the People’s Partnership from giving out to Derek Chin and others in a contrived RFP process.

I am sure this would have paid for most, if not all, of the dredging costs, were it not for a succession of corrupt, self seeking, incompetent Government officials who we all know by name. There is learning from this which has clearly not been absorbed by our current crop of public officials.

Since then the Port has done dredging to accommodate the cruise ships yet the ferry service between Tobago and Trinidad - which provides a life support service to citizens of both islands, is being denied such attention. Those cruise ships offer no such life support service and are also bad business...in all respects.