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posted 29 Jun 2012, 20:50 by Gerry Kangalee   [ updated 30 Jun 2012, 02:14 by Dave Smith ]


By Sam Odinga


What worries me about this seemingly confused Armageddon that Labour and the rest of us seem to be in is the continued inconsistency of many who claim to represent.

Take Abdulah for example. It seems to me he did the right thing as leader of the MSJ, to leave the PP. I must say, however, that the reasons given were weak.

Is this the same Abdulah who just a few months ago stood in defence of Kamla on the PP platform in lying praise of Jack Warner stating that he, Jack, was so efficient that a three hour trip to Port of Spain now takes 30 minutes? Within these six months he now knows that the PP is not seeking "good governance"; is partisan and racist.

Where was he for the past twenty years? Did he not know of Devant Maharaj and his "no Africans in Central"; Sat and his objections to mixed gender government secondary schools, Kamla and her "Indians are discriminated against in T&T"; Jack and his endorsement of Hochoy Charles’ "never trust a Trini"? 
Did he not know these things before he, McLeod and others in the MSJ rode the PP band wagon thinking that with their minor insignificant whispers in Kamla's and Jack’s ears they could change the course of the PP?  

I was amazed at the level of political ignorance that the MSJ portrayed. I was even more amazed when I saw the calibre of good brothers that were members of MSJ duped by their own reckless analysis of the PP. 

 Lenin stated that he would have slept with the Devil to save Russia. Lenin would have been foolish if he did; for both he and Russia would have been screwed stiff by the Devil. The error made by many like Abdulah is that because politics makes strange bedfellows, it is okay to sleep with the wolves. 

Wannabe leaders and, in particular, those who get the opportunity to lead have to be consistent if they expect to make the change from opportunism to leadership. It is this that confuses and causes disenchantment among the ordinary people and has so many losing faith.

It is this position that now gives rise to 'fascist' Jack Warner. The inconsistencies leave people confused. Thus Jack can portray himself as an "action man" and we have the rise of "a city of men" rather than the rule of law.

Let us say Jack, who already has the praises of people who knew better, hammers suspected crime hot spots, beats up protesters and jails labour leaders. What do we think the already traumatised population to whom his praises were sung by McLeod, Abdulah and others would become?

Do we think they would be reading Sankeralli's tautological article. No! They would welcome the "police state" and continue to sing praises as they did for the "Flying Squad" and its then corrupt CoP as they are known to do for all rising dictators.

My humble view is that we begin preparing all who would listen for what is coming, by soberly pointing out the truth and stop using fancy 'politic speak' which carries no validity but to the already converted.

Jack will not fail as Minister of National Security, He cannot! No one can since most people believe the job is impossible! He will redefine the job with his PR machinery, twist the arm of mercenary Gibbs, make deals with criminals for the licit and illicit division of the state as the PP is already doing and as other fascists have done and win the day through force spite and PR.

Jack like Putin in Russia will rule from behind Kamla's dress with the blessings of all the PP supporters who benefit from the raid of the state and the suppression of those they dislike.