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SLAVERY: A SMOKE SCREEN by Gordon Dalla Costa

posted 2 Sep 2015, 12:59 by Gerry Kangalee   [ updated 2 Sep 2015, 13:03 ]

There are two letters in the Newsday of the 29th August that both in one way or the other take Mr. Frank Mouttet to task. In one, Mr. Errol Cupid comments that "whites” should become involved in politics. Mr. Cupid should be reminded that the right honourable Eric Williams in one of his infamous comments said "Massa day done".

 This, as all of us know, was directed to the white population and was generally meant that they have no business in contributing to this country. Many emigrated and some stayed, but the ones that stayed knew fully well "our place". Now we have Mr. Cupid suggesting that we should get involved again. I wonder why? Who, in their right mind would want to become involved in that nastiness that passes for politics?

In the other letter Mr. Cecil Paul writes what i would consider "drivel", and yes Mr. Paul we are 4th world, a totally corrupt society from top to bottom, so don't come and tell me some nonsense about slavery; that is just a smoke screen for incompetence and by the way my ancestors came here running from a previous Venezuelan dictator just in case you want to accuse my ancestors of being slave owners.