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posted 4 Oct 2016, 05:11 by Gerry Kangalee   [ updated 4 Oct 2016, 05:14 ]
“You better begin to get weaned off the Government because the Government’s shoulder cannot carry the weight anymore.” 

"Every road to be built in this country must be built by the Government, every school, every health centre, every this, every that because in this country for the last generation or two we have grown up on the Government.” 

These are quotes attributed to the Prime Minister by the media on the Sunday after the budget when citizens were asked to give more via a 15% increase in diesel prices.

Of course these remarks seem to overlook that we are asked to 'Gih dem gih dem', through direct and indirect taxes/prices which have begun to increase as subsidies are removed. What are subsidies? These are bulk payments made by the State and paid towards the cost of essential items/needs such as food, fuel and Presidential wine.

How are these subsidies funded? God and the Catholic Church I guess; not from the surplus value of our labour providing commodities and services which are monetised to pay for Cabinet salaries, Diplomatic Centres, wedding trips and for national security for our leaders. We may include prostate examinations abroad if not at West Shore or St. Clair Medical.

And if rumour now and fact then are to be believed, we have been paying for jewelery, cosmetics and other fashion statements,
Right Camille?
through government credit cards…right Camille? Oh boy! This is really getting crucial. Do they want our leading ladies to look natural and eschew wigs and weaves and expensive earrings? Somebody looking for a serious constitutional crisis, if not mass resignations from the Cabinet

Since we are into this money saving mode: is it not interesting that Brian Lara was not asked to pay for the repairs to the stadium named after him? Is that why Ato jets in and out as quickly as he can before anyone can ask him to relay the concrete track at 'his' stadium. Yes folks the Mondo is almost completely eroded! We are on the road to Tokyo 2020!

Now just 10 minutes drive to the South west of the Brian Lara facility, in the Pleasantville community, there is a school, a government school, with no lights. The PTA was at a morning show on budget day indicating that the students were missing lots of classes through school closures. But maybe the Prime Minister would be happy to know that they are trying to raise the funds on their own to re-wire the school, which suggests, from here on in, they may just have to pay the salaries of the teachers and support staff.

I remember in the 1987 NAR/Robinson days, nurses being asked to set up concessions on the wards to fund health care. What happened to that along with 'free zones’? In a few words there was a real labour movement and the JTUM did not exist. Oh there was joint labour activity, real activity.

So are we about to enter a social utopia where we the people do not ask for, the government does not expect from us and there is
Image result for tighten belt cartoon balance and harmony in the society...No? We still have to give, turn around and tighten our belts some more, which by now need not be more than 6 centimetres long to squeeze our gut?

Of course Sat, Archbishops Barbara and Joe will build their own schools; we will privatise the fire services and the Moonans and Rahamans will be asked to come back and replace PTSC Electricity? No problem! Peakes and F.T Farfan will import generators by the containers and firecrackers are relatively cheap. WASA? Bathe in the rain!

Of course the Auditor General's office will now be housed in the Red House in St. Vincent Street and people like Kirk Waithe of ''Fixin T&T'' and Rhoda Bharrat will be labelled as terrorists and be accused of having ties to Boko Haram Al Shabab and Isis and be not allowed to wear hijabs. And we will de-certify Joseph Remy of CWU, just him, for seeking to protect and safeguard the “national interest” from Cable and Wireless and seeking to keep the Credit Union movement strong and independent.

But it is not as ill thought out as it sounds. Retired Chief Justices, Prime Ministers and Presidents will now give up the 100% of their salary pensions; settle for two thirds of their salary as pension like other public servants and pay taxes on them like everybody else who so qualifies. Being creative persons they will undoubtedly run sou-sous. Panday will get first hand as he has retired already; Max Richards next and so on. Those in office will have to pay though and hope when it is time to collect no one says."Wait for your arrears...I am saving it for you.”