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posted 16 Mar 2017, 11:40 by Gerry Kangalee   [ updated 16 Mar 2017, 12:00 ]
 one could not accurately predict the target or who would be the perpetrator, another broadside has been fired at workers. This one came from Ms. "We in charge now” Shamfa. She was the golden girl on the platform in 2015 but her gold is now turned to silver the better to make bullets aimed at the working class.

So today, the Communication Workers Union, favourite foe of the People's National Movement, is once again the target. Its members in the Tourism Development Company face virtual summary dismissal. As the Union precisely points out, Ms. "Shaft-em' has violated every industrial relations procedure and norm in the way this has been carried out..There is no need to re-iterate since the issue is well detailed and documented on this and other websites.

A step back here: Can we in the labour movement honestly say we are surprised at these developments? From the time the new administration entered office it has been talking poor to workers and living rich.

Between late back pay and summary/virtual dismissal of the TDC workers, there has been a wage freeze at NGC, marginalisation of the Steel and OAS workers, frustration of MTS workers, a not yet averted crisis at Petrotrin, dismissals of media workers, outsourcing at T&TEC, NIDCO workers on the chopping block.

Of course the wolves in wolves' clothing, the employers’ associations, the bankers' row, the media moguls (all arms of an interlocking economic and political directorate) maintain their frontal assaults whether it be individually at workplaces or launching broadsides at the Industrial Court which they imagine stands between then and consolidation of the victories since September 2015.

What we must be honest enough to say is that despite (or because) of all these imagined partnerships, political 'insider trading' continues to send workers careening down the slope of economic ruin. From Panday's imaginary Labour government right through to the lady incumbent who has come from the midsection of Labour, it is the same narrative. Rennie Dumas, Errol McLeod, Jennifer Baptiste, Rudy Indarsingh, Anthony Garcia, David Abdulah; all labour “leaders” who became their complete opposite in no time, collaborationists with the regime in power.

It is glaring that there is some need for labour unity. This will NOT occur within the JTUM construct. Fyzabad accords and Round Table discussions and Hyatt agreements have us where we are. This writer can certify that the JTUM was born exactly out of the circumstances that exist today; that it was a forum that effectively mobilised for resistance. It was political opportunism and rank vacillation on the part of the leaders that turned a forum into a 'labour federation' which today still awaits $15m from its class enemy for its “institutional strengthening and capacity building”. I have yet to read where the predator strengthens and fortifies its prey.

IT IS TIME FOR WORKERS TO RE-UNITE IN ACTION! We must be brutally honest and recognise that many of those who are acclaimed as 'leaders of this and leaders of that'' have effectively sold us out and will remain a hindrance to unity in action. The solutions will not come from tri-partism or legislative reform initiated by Parliament. Let us not forget where the reforms to the Industrial Relations Act initiated by the People's Partnership government would have left us.

New ideas, new forms of struggle will not come from those who drive luxury SUV's or sit in Parliamentary chambers. Workers must find ways to get around these internal roadblocks if 'Shameless-fa' and others like her are to be dealt with.
a look at thr IRA amendment bill.pub
Gerry Kangalee,
16 Mar 2017, 11:57