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posted 15 Jan 2015, 08:49 by Gerry Kangalee   [ updated 15 Jan 2015, 09:02 ]

Brother Scobie

Please allow me space to express my disgust at the crime situation in this paradise lost. Everywhere you go today, is crime, crime evermore! People are not safe anywhere, not on the streets, not in the sanctuary of their homes. Not even lying stiff in the morgue is one safe from violation. People are not safe from criminals and bandits in this lost paradise, and they come in all forms and fashion. It's so sad.

I remember, as a young man reading and learning about life and lifestyles, I learnt where banditry was a noble profession. In days of old when men were bold and chivalry was still in fashion, men used to be commended highly by their country. Sovereign rulers used to honour them by bestowing great titles on them. I remember names like Hawkins, Raleigh and Drake were men of high status. Those James boys, Frank and Jesse, are today etched in the American halls of fame. Even Ali the Baba and Robin with his hoods were held in high esteem in their day.

The great train robber Mr. Ronnie Biggs must be turning in his grave on hearing what is passing for banditry today. It is a shame and downright disgrace to see how these impostors today have brought banditry to its knees. The god of bandits should relegate them to a fate worse than death.

Those of yesteryear took pride in their chosen field of endeavour. Some of these men stole whole countries with all their peoples.

Columbus, father of modern banditry, on the way to thief a whole island
Christopher Columbus was chief amongst the thieves. We still honour his name in so many parts of this country and across the globe.

Bandits today have no class, hence the reason why their names will be lost in the dump heap of history. What kind of pride could one profess to have in the practising of one’s craft when one can find pleasure only in robbing and killing little old ladies and grandpas for pittance and sticking up poor people in the village bar, who only trying to drown their sorrows of the day in a beer or two, and you, armed to the teeth, mongoosing their cell phones and the small change they are squeezing to play the play whe.

Is there pride in robbing the Snack Shacks along the street, that selling some digestives and chubby to the children then boasting to your friends how much wuk you put down? Shame, shame, shame! Practitioners of professions, always try to emulate the best in their field. What joy could you find in distressing the very community that give you life? Bandits of yesteryear, used to protect and defend their communities.

That fellow, who robbed the Bank of Monte Carlo, must have cried long tears down in bandit hell, when the news reached him that one was coming in from Trinbago, who was shot dead by security, for robbing a Roti Shop. Shame on him! If he was so hungry and starved for food, he should have begged for something to eat. Someone would have bought him a roti.

Valmond Fat Man Jones in Smartman Heaven must be blue vex to be a Trini. After all, he became a media celebrity after he pulled off the Sam Cooke scam, gained the admiration of a nation and get immortalise in kaiso.

All you mocking pretenders have really dragged banditry through the mud and left it with no honour. But, the truth be told, you all are just petty thieves: the vagrants of banditry; common criminals without class. You don't have the knowledge and education to participate in white collar crimes and don't have the class of the likes of Morgan the Pirate.

If you distressers take a little time out and do some research, you would see that real bandits, those worth their weight in gold, used their exploits to help build better communities. Hence the reason their names live on. It is not too late to emulate those guys, and have your names etched in the annals of history.

Robbing and raping grannies in the communities is the wrong road towards success. Because of your action, the children are afraid to go outside and play freely. Innocent lives are always in danger, whenever you get the urge to go out and kill one another.  Change that style! Try to get on top of your game. Emulate the best in your field! Maybe then, you may command some respect and etch your names in the annals of bandit history. In the meantime, Stop the senseless killing!