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posted 17 Jul 2015, 05:15 by Gerry Kangalee
Let's see now how this muddier than all elections stands at the moment. Moruga Cliff has thrown his perfectly coiffed carbon fibre hair piece into the political arena again. Errol has half paved Plaisance Park. I guess the other side will be fixed according to who comes out to see him during walk-a-bouts. Volney is still trying to explain Section 34 although he himself has been extradited out of politics. Jack has more secrets than Victoria.

The Chair of M.S.J has reportedly resigned because he has reached 60. What conVinced him to do that? No one has been able to tell us. Is the post pensionable? Or that the job of Senate President, successor to Wade, is truly out of reach?

Or is it that the J.T.U.M found itself alone at the Wrong Table? Now that the Farris wheel is on and spinning furiously again P.N.M has no need for adherents. Oh labour 'leaders', even as you find yourselves inhaling second hand political smoke again as in 2010 take heed! Should P.N.M win there is a former comrade of yours who we predict will strike with “great vengeance and furious anger'' now she has come out of the political closet after being royally humiliated by a Duke.

Speaking of the P.N.M.: it is clear that they have not changed! Can you imagine an Opposition leader opposing the incumbent administration because it is the most corrupt the country has ever seen? That is like the horner man asking a woman to leave her husband because he beats women worse than the horner man ever did. Come to P.N.M. for less licks! Yeah right!

So even as we hover on a mini "Attica” or "San Quentin 1971” prison riot, even as a certifiably insane Minister further readily adjusts himself to avoidable mortalities at home and abroad in the health sector, organised labour must recognise that to all these formations we remain the common enemy who stand in the way of their fully privatised Grecian paradise.