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posted 12 Dec 2018, 09:28 by Gerry Kangalee   [ updated 12 Dec 2018, 09:34 ]
But the war goes on. And for many years to come
We shall be bandaging the countless and sometimes
Indelible wounds inflicted on our people by the…onslaught.

Frantz Fanon

The present stage of the class struggle finds organized labour in retreat. This statement is not intended to start a debate on who failed to provide proper leadership, who made opportunistic political alliances that soured or how many federations should/should not have been formed. That is for the historians of the era to come.

Image result for privatisationt the moment the ruling class and its instruments of power, the political establishment, continue to wage a most pitiless and relentless war on the working class in this country. The privatization/take back movement of theirs is in full swing; with a highly politicised and reactionary military arm whose leadership portrays itself as saving the country for us. Though in reality it is a case of saving the country for themselves from us. Give us parang, unemployment, Panorama, a new soca superstar/super song and that is supposed to keep us happy in the midst of the social tsunami that is battering our lives - man, woman and child. 

The task that lies before the modern generation of workers is to re-build the movement. As Fidel Castro advised in Estella Bravo's documentary on his life Fidel, new forms of struggle will emerge that hitherto would not have been imagined. It is only by getting inVolved in everyday activity wherever activists find themselves that new tendencies, novel initiatives will emerge.

A word here: I am not talking about tweeting, posting on social media or messaging incessantly. These are tools, not strategies. Look where the JTUM ended up. But the war goes on. And for many years to come.

There is not a sector in this country that is not in crisis. Recent political decisions by the State simply exacerbate the situation amidst the ''gallerying'' and distraction offered by the red and yellow brigades. Even the mentally ill are gunned down.

Some ask for another George Weekes, Elma Francois, Jim Barrette, Joe Young, Clotil Walcott, Idris Hamid or Uriah Butler. I always like to point out that Butler, for example, did not start out with the OWTU or Paramount Building. He had a sense of mission, a hatred of injustice and his Bible.

He was willing to take on the British Empire then at its zenith. Those of us who were fortunate to be around Joe Young would remember his telling us of how he and George and others would ride the bus to San Fernando analyzing and planning strategy 'for Rojas tail". They looked to each other to find the Messiahs within. History in never made by one great individual.

The trade unions, their head offices and other assets would came out of the struggles Theirs was a mass based united front of workers, intellectuals, cultural activists, professionals and the broad mass of workers ketchin' dey nenen in oil sugar, on the water front, in small businesses, retail stores.

We must sing, parang, drink some bois bache and eat some sponge cake, beat pan and play mas. These are necessary stress relievers much needed now. Besides these are evidences of our innate creativity. Even as efforts are made to co-opt and hijack Pan Trinbago and make it a musical contractor to adjunct Sandals beach resort and the like.

The primary task before us is to regroup our badly mauled and scattered forces to re-build a movement