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posted 17 Jul 2011, 12:06 by Gerry Kangalee   [ updated 17 Jul 2011, 12:09 ]

by Rae Samuel

Calling on Julian Hunte, Azim Bassarath and Dinanath Ramnarine!. Organised labour in the Caribbean can solve all your problems re: bringing people back to the cricket grounds. Look at what we did two weeks ago outside the Queen's Park Oval in Trinidad, even as commentators in Dominica were praying for rain so that the game would last 5 days.

Thousands of workers gathered to assess the state of play against a Dookeran led team, trying to spin out the workers for five percent. Included in the team were spinners/spin doctors Abdulah, McLeod and trundler Rudy.

Cricket, by itself, could have not, of late, been able to bring 500 spectators to a game. Labour brings out thousands, with a much better rhythm section. And if the game is not entertaining, or there is a problem with team selection, there will be no protracted struggle involving individuals, representative players associations, and archaic governing bodies.

But the government seems to have chosen a wrong bowling attack So far they have only gotten the wicket of Watson Duke. This fellow, remember, in his first 'Test' was swinging his bat all over the place but in the end sold his wicket really cheaply.

Labour emptied the Oval in 1987, when racist cricketers, who flouted the ban on South African cricket, were chosen to play on a West Indian tour. CIDWIC, the Committee in Defence of West Indian Cricket, was a body organised and led by the Trinidad labour movement.

We had no representation in the Government, in Cabinet, or in partnership yet. Come to think of it, some of the present labour leaders turned ministers and senators marched with us. Now it seems that they can't get far away enough from labour. Oh how the lowly have risen! But half past six may be closer than they think and all the political viagra in world will be of little help.

So, whether it is a match or a march, call on organised labour to fill in or around the grounds. No admission fee! Dress code? You union jersey! Now you know why C.L.R. James said: ‘This goes beyond the boundary"